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I’ve been having a tough time coming up with something to post today 😦

Not that I have blog-writer’s block or anything …… its just that a pup in our society is missing!

Okay, that didn’t make sense. As usual, I threw up the middle part without the prologue. My mistake.

There is a stray bitch who has made permanent residence in our society (Do I need to replace the ‘bitch’ with ‘female dog’ ?!) . The neighbors below us take care of her. They give her milk and chapatis and though she messes our stairway, no one really minds it. The dog is very gentle and I’ve never known her to bark let alone bite. A couple of months back, she had a litter of 3-4 pups. But for the last month, there were only two of them around her.

These two little pups used to frolic all over the place, prancing around the kids playing in the parking area, fighting for food , playfully nipping and biting at each other 🙂 . Every time I looked at them, they reminded me of the twins (There is something very similar between babies of all species. They are all super cute 😀 ) . Even when the pups jumped over the lazy momma, I was reminded of how the twins clamber all over me and the way we three roll about on the bed 😀

For the last few days though, there is only one little pup who roams silently around. The momma doesn’t pay him much attention and neither does he. I dread to wonder what happened to his sibling 😦 . The worst part is that the pup has lost all the playfulness it had before. Now it just sits in one corner and sulks (or mopes). It is heart-wrenching, because like always , I hold them synonymous with the twins. Just the fragment of a possibility that one of the twins may not be with me is enough to drive me crazy with worry and anguish! I dare not look into the pups face, which is so forlorn, I swear I will break down and cry some day. Animals have their feelings too, I guess. Could there be any other reason for the little pup to miss his brother?

It’s a shame that there are so many mongrels who go homeless. I wonder why they are called ‘street-dogs’ , because when trained, they are as good and faithful as pedigree ones. The downstairs neighbours do their bit of good for them, maybe that’s why no one protests the littering . Unfortunately, none of the other families (including mine) are keen on tending to dogs as pets (cats will do). A pity, that.

On that note, I’d like to make a small request to people interested in pups. Pallu has a few pups up for sale . They are Dalmatians and absolutely adorable 🙂 . I wonder how she manages to look after the bunch, including their parents (the pup’s that is. Not Pallu’s 😀 ) . People in Pune/Mumbai, do contact her if you (or anyone else you know) is interested in them.

Hope we all have it in us to care of creatures other than humans.

(I’ll start with plants first 😐 )


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