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Update on the Bride-Hunting

Apropos to this post, I’m disheartened to say that the alliance did not work out!

Apparently, the prospective groom was two years younger to the prospective bride 😐  (Frankly speaking, the MIL and the aunt did not see this as a hindrance, but the girl’s father was adamant that he wanted someone older for his girl 😦 )

I wish the parents from both sides had checked the bio-data before the actual meeting (and saved me the trauma 😐 ) . The MIL still has eyes on the girl (for the BIL), but once again, the father is adamant that he wants only a doctor for his girl. This man, I tell you!! Whew! He tests my patience!!

I’ve vowed never to go bride-hunting again. I mean, here I was, my heart going out to this pretty young thing, already planning on bonding with her and taking her out shopping, and then this rude awakening that she wouldn’t be coming into our family 😦 What a sad loss!!

I’ve already told the BIL to hunt for a wife himself. I’m absolving myself of all bride-hunting duties henceforth.

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