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I am unintentionally unavailable these days, thanks to my exceeding the allowed net usage *groan*

I’ve always managed to reign in myself at the border, but this time, I guess I lost track of all the time I was using up on the net (damn you bloggers!! You addict me and then you deny me my own blog!!) and ended up with a few MBs over the expected limit. The fine is not too high, but it does not make a good impression…..makes people think I do less work and more online entertainment (wonder where they get these ideas from 🙄  )

Its been tough, staying away from blogging. I thought I could post something from home, but the cretins I call my kids think otherwise 😦

Alas,  all I can do is to ask pardon. Spare me this week. I’ll be back with a bang by this weekend (hopefully)

Till then,

Merci !!

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