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Feeling Low

The weekend was hectic with a capital ‘H’. All the maids bunked( including the nanny and the cook), the twins were up to their destructive best and I was struggling to cope with the twins, house-hold chores, guests, GMIL’s needs and the fast. Right now, I feel as though I’ve been through a grinder , all choked and ragged. The icing on the cake is the squabble I had the with BF. If I were ignorant, I’d blame it on the fasts. But , I know that these are the issues we face every year during Ramadan, these tests of patience. It is a requisite to face the difficulties on an empty stomach and yet retain your calm, to hold your tongue and your temper.  Every year, I make a resolution to hold my temper, irrespective of whatever crap flies my way, and each year, I fail myself 😦

I came to office today , thinking I will post something positive and happy (and indeed I have loads to say about the twin’s antics which keep us in splits 🙂 ), but somehow, my fingers refuse to oblige to that note. So I now type as I whine about how rotten I feel (which is actually loads better than most days!)

Forgive me folks, I’m just not my self today. I think of all the hectic weekends before ,  this last one was the worst . Am down in the dumps and severely morose. I also know that by the time I reach home and have something, I will cheer up 😉

But just for now, I have nothing more to say 😐

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