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Lui and shobs are eating their boiled eggs. As usual, Lui gulps down her’s and looks on longingly at her brother’s bowl.

Lui : Shobs, aap mujhe anda do.

Shobs : (who doesn’t liked boiled eggs much) nahin!

Lui : Shaabi, aap mujhe anda do nahin to mai royegi

Shobs gives in to the emotional blackmail and breaks a piece of the egg and hands it over to  Lui

Shobs : Yeh lo. Thoda sa.

Lui : Pehle Plish bolo.

Shobs : Plish lo.

Lui : Abhi aap mujhe thanku bolo

Shobs : Thanku didi

Lui : belcome Shaabi!

Me : 🙄


Lui and Shobs run around the sofa in the drawing room. Shobs has a toy that Lui wants. Shobs refuses to hand it over. Lui snatches it from his hand clambers on the sofa. Shobby gives chase and whacks her hard on her back. Lui immediately starts bawling like crazy.

Me : Shobby, that was mean. Lui ko sorry bolo.

Shobby : (tugging his ears) Lui, sholly

Me : Thats a good boy. Now play and don’t hurt each other.

In the meanwhile, Lui clambers down from the sofa and proceeds to play with her toy.

Shobby calmly walks up to her, whacks her again and before she can start bawling, grabs his ears and says , “Sholly”.

Me : 🙄


The SIL visited us on Saturday evening with her kids. Since it would be time till the kids had their dinner, I asked them if they would like to have Maggi . All kids yell their approval at the choice, so I proceeded to the kitchen to do the needful. Meanwhile, my two brats tag behind me, pull out plates and spoons and settle down on the kitchen floor.

Me : Maggi abhi ready nahin hai. Thoda time lagega

Shobby : (obviously not understanding what ‘ready’ means) Maggi lao, jaldi se.

Me : 2 minutes betu. I’m cooking it.

Shobby : Mummmaaaa!! Mere plate mein maggi nahi hai, dekho! Jaldi se do na!

Me : (Furiously stirring the pot and mentally challenging the company to prove that Maggi cooks in 2 minutes!) Ruko zara. It’s still cooking.

Lui : (yelling) MUMMAA!! Shobby ko maggi do. ABHI!! Kabse bula raha hai na woh!

Shobby : (looking at Lui) hehe…humne kaise mummy ko sataya na?!!

Me : 🙄


Me and the BF sit down for dinner. The twins are playing/fighting with each other in our bedroom. Suddenly, Shobby runs out screaming in terror while Lui gives him chase. He has an empty Baby lotion bottle in his hand that Lui wants. She screams at her brother to give it to her. He refuses and tries to take refuge behind me. Lui yells at her brother, Shobby screams in terror. Fed up with the noise, the BF chips in,

BF : Shobby, give the bottle to Lui. I’ll take you for a bike ride. We wont take Lui with us because she yells at you.

Shobs : (handing the bottle to Lui) Lui, yeh lo.

Lui : (Looks balefully at her father)Nahin Shaabi,aap lo (and hands over the bottle to Shobs).

Shobby looks terrified again and throws the bottle back at Lui.

Shobs : Mujhe nahin chahiye. Aap lo.

Lui : (throwing the bottle back at Shobs) Mujhe bhi nahin chahiye.

Me :  🙄

BF :  🙄


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