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I have spooky moms 😐 !!
The one who gave birth to me is as spookily prophetic as the one I inherited after marriage. The similarities in their prophetic abilities gives me the heebie-jeebies (and also to those around them)!
For the record, my mom has a distinct knowledge of all major occurences in my life without me (or anyone else ) informing her about it. I’ll give some examples later. As for the MIL, she has dreams! Vivid dreams with graphic details which more often than not, come true. I swear!!

Who isn’t interested in a bit of future-gazing,I ask you?! Anytime you come to know that someone can read palms, you immediately want your’s to be read 🙂 . Most of the times, you know it is total tripe, but what the heck, it’s also fun 😀 ! So if someone looks at your hand and tells you that you have bundles of money in your fate line, you get tickled at imagining yourself sitting in a vault full of money, where as the reality might just as well be that you turn out to be a teller at a bank! Well, the prophecy wasn’t all that wrong, was it?! 😀

But the point is, we want to believe the tripe! There was a time I was good at reading palms. I could dissect a person’s characteristics just by looking at their palms. But I never tried to predict anything. Frankly, I don’t know how to. But also, because I know how detrimental it can be to a person’s sanity. We never know who might take our words seriously. We never know to whom we might end up giving false hopes. Clearly, we just don’t know!
So I never tried. A little playful comments on some lines and that’s just about it.

(It was much later that I found out that predicting the future or attempting to do so goes in violation of the Almighty’s will. We cannot and should not try and second guess what God has in store for us. I gave up looking at palms about 6-7 years back )

But with my mom, it’s a different story. I’m not sure if she’s similarly prophetic about my other siblings, but in my case, her intuitions are goose-bumpingly spooky.
– The twins are down with fever, my mom immediately calls up to ask for them, because she’s sure that not all is fine with them. I know that no one from my in-laws side called up my mom to report on me or the twins. My parents and in-laws talk only when my parents visit, or maybe on festivals and other occasions. Thats just about it. So I have no clue how mom surmised that the twins were not keeping well.
– I have a tiff with the BF and two days later my mom calls to ask if all is well between me and the BF. I ask the BF is he’s been tattling to my mom and he gives me a look which is best not described here. I know there is NO WAY she could know we had an argument, heck, she even guessed that it was serious!
– My third miscarriage (for which I had another D&C) was a painful affair, both emotionally and physically. But this time, the only people who knew about it were the BF and the MIL. No one else in the family (including mine) had even a hint about it. A day after the operation, mom calls me up, all frantic and tense. She said she had the strongest feeling that I was in pain and needed her (I swear to God, this is exactly what I had gone through). I listened to her with my mouth agape, not sure if I was hearing correctly. Mom said that she felt as though I was in excruciating pain and was calling out for her. She didn’t know what the problem was but wanted to make sure I was fine. I assured her as best as I could that I was fine (lying through my teeth, I was 😦 ). A year later, when the twins were born, I confessed to her about the D&C. She was shocked that I hadn’t told her about it, but then, as I pointed it out to her, she already knew 😉

Coming to the MIL, she has a history of dreams coming true. She usually shares her dreams with the family and it is shocking (to say the least) when they came true! I was a skeptic initially, but a couple of instances later, I’m a true believer of her dreams 😐
There was this time, when I was pregnant. The MIL had a dream that two bonny little babies were looking up to her and smiling. One was a girl, another a boy. The next day she shared this dream with us. It sounded too good to be true, but the MIL was of the firm belief that I was indeed going to have a girl and a boy. Her prediction came true.

If some member in the family is about to fall ill,the MIL has a dream in advance!
There were also dreams of losing someone dear and then we would find out about the death of a close relative! The MIL usually keeps the sad dreams to herself, lest we get upset. But it is unnerving when she does disclose it and it turns into a reality. Spooky 😐

Given my background for palm-reading, it was inevitable for me to check on my own offsprings. I’m not sure whether to be happy or upset, that I could read nothing. NOTHING!! It’s almost as if I never had that talent 😦 (Now, I think it is for the best !). But the one thing that truly upsets me, is that I do not have the killer intuition of my mother , or the prophetic skills of the MIL! Where the twins are concerned, I want the best for them, I want them to have a secure future, with their needs fulfilled (if not wants). There are times when I feel that I’m not strongly emotionally connected to them, to feel their pain when I’m away from them 😦 . If Lui fall and hurts herself, I feel the pang only when I see it after returning home. When I’m at work, I don’t get the signals that something is wrong with my daughter!

The BF opines that since I’m not my mother or the MIL, I should stop expecting  their gifts from self. He’s right, of course 🙄 , but its difficult to quell this little voice in the head which becomes audible only after you become a mother. The voice that keeps berating you for every slight that takes place , every little missed development of your child, every little hurt that comes your child’s way. I wonder how my mom and the MIL cope with this noise? They have enough children among themselves to drive them batty!

And moreover, I wonder how long it will be before I curb the noise in my head to listen to my children’s heartbeats, wherever they may be. How long, before I too can connect in a way which cannot be explained! How long, before my kids roll their eyes over the phone (like did) when I pester them to disclose the truth, because I know they are hiding something 🙂

Sometimes, I feel the wait is just too long 😐



Edited to Add : All ye readers and commenters – why O why didn’t you point out that major blooper in the title of this post?! 😐

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