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Hello people…to a wet, Wet, WET Monday!

Its late in the day and I was about to let go a post…the wet season freezes my fingertips 😐

I have loads to say , but my chattering teeth and numb fingertips refuse to oblige. Office is currently an ice-factory because we have guests from the USofA visiting. Apparently, the cold cold weather is just not cold enough for them, or so the office administration surmises before turning the temperature gauge towards the negative. Result being, we are feverishly trying to work with numb fingers while trying not to let our arms touch the table and making sure that the shawl/sweater/jacket doesn’t let in that cold breeze thats blowing through the AC vents. Pleasant, it isn’t!

Anyhow, Eid is almost here, the fasts are going by pretty fast (Ha!!) and there’s LOADS to do by way of cleaning up the house. Given the wet weather, the paint-job was bid good-bye…maybe we’ll do it when the weather’s a little more dry. For now, we’re just trashing what we haven’t  used in ages and making space for collecting more junk 😐 . I swear!!

Thats all that I can update now…..will do a proper post once I’m able to defrost my fingers into life.

Till then, don’t forget your umbrellas and raincoats. The rain gods are here to stay 😀

Happy wetting.

(wait a minute. That didn’t come out right!)

(Oh forget it…my fingers are dying 😦 )

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