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I love Mayavati.

I mean, how can you not?!! This Woman dominates like no other, thunders instead of talking, pays homage to herself and siphons off crores better than Ocean’s Eleven!

Also, she provides me with a lot of blog fodder 😀 (and that, I must say, is her saving grace 😐 )

Anyway, since I’m a loyal Mayavati follower and a keen watcher of her activities, its deplorable that I haven’t yet done a post on the private-Jet-Assange-gate (that rhymes!!) . A digression that I will proceed to correct, pronto!

So for the un-informed, my favourite politician got a mention in Wiki-leaks. That itself calls for a whoop of joy and distribution of sweets. The Behenji has ‘arrived’ and how 🙂 .You can read the entire content of the leak here, but since I love the lady, I’ll do the honors and post the juicy parts here :-

“…the law and order situation in UP has improved only in that Mayawati has centralized corruption in her own hands.”

“One Lucknow journalist related a story in which a State Minister was forced to do sit-ups in front of her as penance for not first asking permission to call on UP’s governor.”

“Mayawati forced a civil servant to resign when she learned his daughter had joined the Congress Party in Delhi.”

“…..she employs nine cooks (two to cook, the others to watch over them) and two food tasters.”

“…..she constructed a private road from her residence to her office, which is cleaned immediately after her multiple vehicle convoy reaches its destination.”

“While inflation, development and terrorism will be the “issues” in the coming national polls, caste remains the DNA of UP politics, and no one has demonstrated more ability at playing caste politics than Mayawati”
And my personal favourite –
“Mayawati is obsessed with becoming Prime Minister”
C’mon?! Which Indian politician isn’t?! Doesn’t LK Advani (with one leg in Kabr and another on a banana peel) want the same? Does anyone accuse him of it?

Sadly, Mayavati doesn’t see how famous she has become, instead, she harps on how Assange must be admitted to the Agra mental asylum. She obviously believes that she was voicing the opinion of a hundred other politicians around the world, most of whom harbour the same opinion! But not so surprisingly, Assange’s wiki-leak only publicized what the entire population of India already knew! I wouldn’t word it here (her henchmen may just hunt me down and skin me to make her a new pair of shoes 😐 ). But I guess this image best depicts her growth :-

Assange, on his behalf, has sent across some witty quips to Mayavati’s outbursts.  For now, he has the upper hand, because not one person in this country has an iota of doubt on the report (do you??). Says something about the state of our politics, doesn’t it? I mean, we know all this, yet we elect them. Sheesh 😦 .

Sab Maya hai, I guess 😐

Note : cartoons sourced from Google images.

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