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Regular reader of this blog are aware of my weekend schedule (which more tightly packed than pomegranate seeds) and the tales of ripping my hair off.

This weekend was no different folks (read, missing maids, cranky twins), so I won’t go in there again. Suffice to say, I felt as though I’ve been through a shredder. The BF wisely kept himself away from the path of my fury. Bright chap, that. Probably one of the reasons I married him!!

Anyhow, in all the valiant efforts to keep the hair on my head, I didn’t pay attention to a niggling little birdie which kept repeating that I missed a birthday somewhere on the weekend. Was it the BF’s? No. MIL? No. FIL/BIL/GMIL(frankly, no one knows her B’day!)??? Then who??

Well, it was MomOfRS’s B’day (try saying that out loud 😀 )!

*clap clap clap*

Yep, the Second birthday of my dear blog, my release, my confidante and my friend. Can’t believe how soon the years have passed 🙂 . It seemed like just yesterday when I did the “Hello World” post.  I’ve already stepped into the third year and have yet not done a proper post to commemorate the event 😦

For the record, in the last 24 months, I have written about 575 posts, received about 3640 comments (Thanks ALL of you 😀 ) and replied back in about 1730 comments. I’ve received spam galore and the total hits on the blog since 9th Sep 2009 till date are 55037. Much gratitude goes towards all those who make me feel good by dropping by here. Also, many thanks to all those listed in the “I’m Addicted To” page who inspired me in many ways to pursue blogging. The list needs to be updated with all the new, wonderful and awesome blogs I’ve discovered in the last two years. I think if I were to ever read all the blogs everyday, I would be given the boot pretty quick. No company would want to hire an employee who does nothing better than read 😀 . I’m still looking out for alternate means of income which would allow me to indulge in my now-crazy blog obsession. If you know any such job, just give me a signal 😉

(Till then, I can do nothing but sneak in a couple of minutes each day and update my online journal.)

Here’s thanking ALL of you out there for sharing your thoughts and best wishes with me. Once a lonely place, this blog now thrives on your love and affection. I’m sure when the kids grow up, they would come to love you all just as I do. Most of you who are so far away, there’s a rare chance that we’d ever meet….but it doesn’t stop our friendship from blossoming.

For that, internet, I’ll be eternally grateful.

Much love to you all,

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