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Here’s some more of the loose ends I’ve been wrapping up lately. Consider them short nuggets of updates from my very busy life 😀

1) I forgot to credit two people who made my birthday feel very special. One is G, who I met up with the day before and had lunch with. G gifted me a pair of hand-made ear-rings which are so pretty that when I wore it to office, everyone asked me where I bought them from 🙂 . This girl has some serious hidden talents, I tell you. Check out her little effort here  . And she also has a very active green thumb, not to mention her wonderful skill at making jewellery.

*Sigh* Some people have it all 😐

The other person who made the day special was my cousin sister L. She dropped by early at my place with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely card. Also, she was going to make paav-bhaji for lunch and bring it to my office!! When I told her that I had taken the day off, the poor girl was disappointed, because then she wouldn’t get to execute her lunch plan! Crazy girl , I tell you . But I did feel a deep rush of love for her 🙂 . I think in the recent years , we have grown rather close. She’s a single child and has told me many a times that she misses the presence of siblings in her life 😐 . Its her birthday in Nov (on the same day as Dad and Aapa’s 🙄 ) and I plan to make it special for her too 🙂 (send in some ideas will you, pretty please 🙂  )

2) I don’t like cricket. I think I must have said this a million times. And maybe that’s why I believe that no cricketer is bigger than the game or equal to God. If they were God, they would play for free. But they don’t. They charge millions, splurge more than that and yet don’t always guarantee a win. But, they are put up on a pedestal and worshipped! Ironical. Anyhow, so when I read this wonderful article in Tuesday’s Pune Mirror by Kunal Pradhan, I just had to share it with you. You may read the article here . Click on the article that says “Mera Sachin Mahaan”.  My agreement with the post is not because I favor Shoaib Akhtar, but because, in my eyes, I see no difference between him and Sachin Tendulkar. They are both cricketers, they have their fan-following and both are talented and rich. That is enough for me, because frankly, however great a sportsperson, he/she will never be flawless. They are humans and have their faults. If you dont agree with someone pointing out your faults, you are free to clamp your ears shut, but dont expect the other to walk around with a duct-tape over their mouth!

Anyway, the statements from the article that I wholeheartedly agreed with are :-

“At some point during his incredible cricketing journey,the words Sachin Tendulkar and national pride were used together so often that they formed a mixture in which you couldn’t tell the two apart. A suggestion that one may not be flawless was seen as an assault on the other.”

“As far as Shoaib is concerned,he was many things during his playing days,but he wasnt an also-ran.When he steamed in from the boundary line his hair flying,his chest out,holding the ball like a weapon it made the finest batsmen quake in their boots.How well they handled him was a testimony to their own skill,but it took nothing away from his.”

Eventually, I think this mob mentality of banning everything that goes against one’s idea of how it should go is disturbing. Somehow, “Strength in Unity” takes an altogether negative aspect !

3) We have these planning meetings in office every 2 months. A lot of teams get together to plan the tasks for the coming 2 months and in the bargain, a lot of white sheets/chart papers are used up. The problem does not lie with using the sheets. The problem lies in using them for exactly a few hours before they are summarily disposed off in the garbage can! And this, when most of the sheets are still blank, because instead of writing on the sheet, we have to stick post-it notes on them!! So a big chart paper has just one line on it (the header or team name) and at the end of the day, the chart paper along with the post-it notes is dumped in the trash can. Now this isn’t the only thing that gets my goat. What irks me to no end is that we use six such sheets and there are a total of around 10 teams!! So we waste a colossal sum of sixty sheets without using them entirely !! Whew!! I must have raved and ranted over it enough….but it appears to fall on deaf ears 😦

Anyhow, as a remedial action, I collect the used sheets at the end of the day and take them home. What I do next, is plaster them over my bedroom wall (with the blank side facing outwards). Fortunately, I have two brats at home who are more than pleased to have a canvas to paint their hearts out 🙂 . I clicked a few snaps from my mobile phone so the pics are not too clear. But you can make out that they love doing their bit of art 🙂

Someone forgot to tell Lui where she should be painting!

The ART....up close

We’ve been having fun with the sheets, seriously 🙂 . Once the sheets are plastered with enough scrawls and paint, we remove them and add another layer ! The kids love it and it helps me to keep them busy while I catch up with the evening paper. In fact, if there is anything urgent that I need to do, I simply give them their paint box and let them do whatever they want to do with it. Apart from a little spillage (that hurt none) , it is usually a very fun-filled activity for them 🙂

As for the used-up sheets, we give it to the maid who then collects them and later, when required, uses them for her out-doors stove! In all, I think I make some good use of the sheets before disposing of them.

But the real trick would be to convince everyone here to use as few sheets as possible and not forget, that each time they waste paper, they lose a lose a tree that gives them oxygen 😐 .

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