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From the Mouth Of Babes

Since the twins were born, I used to fret about when I’ll get to hear them talk. To hear them sing rhymes or songs. Or just to scream and yell. As babies, they were both docile, letting out a  plaintive cry only when hungry (in the case of Lui) or sleepy, before-bath, after-bath, before-pee, after-pee, before-poop, after-poop, before-feed, after-feed,etc (in the case of Shobs). Life, though simpler, was far too unknown. When they cried, I used to cry too, unsure about what made them cry.  This happened on a regular basis until I realized they were colic-y. Whew! *wiping sweat off brow* . They soon out-grew the colic and became wimpy for no reason. Then came the phase where they realized that their vocals could get them the moon, if they took the effort to exercise them. And Boy!! Did they exercise them vocals or what?!! So while Lui screamed her heart out for the blue pen, her mother  (that’s me) would dash across the room with one hand stretched forward to grab the pen  and another holding one ear shut, just so that she could hear herself think. Grabbing the pen, she would dash back and hand over the pen to the pleased-as-punch Lui while she herself collected her breath and tried to normalize her wildly thudding heart. The quick dashes were made about a zillion times a day until finally, the mother had a brainwave and insisted that the kids speak out what they want.

(That woman could kick herself  now )

So the kids learned to speak-out. Or demand. Or threaten. Or wheedle. Or tattle. Or be a continuous nuisance with their insistence that their mother listen to every single word they have to say. Even if it means Lui grabbing her mother’s face for attention, “Mumma…pelle meri baat shuno” and then going off into a tall tale about how Shobs took away her crayon at school because of which she could not eat her dinner which in turn gave her a high temperature which ultimately leads her to demand her dose of medication! Mumma has no option but to listen. And these tales are churned out  wild and fast. There is no escaping them…..when I’m trying to read the paper, or a book or work on my laptop or cook in the kitchen or even head to the loo. What they have to say is of national importance and dare I ignore or avoid them! Hell hath no fury than a pair of twins scorned 😐 !! “Mai kab se baat karti….aap shunte nahin 😦 ” …believe me , such lines , when uttered with puppy-dog eyes are enough to make a mother dump everything and sit down to listen to her ickle munchkins!

The twins then start talking. And HOW?!

(And to think I used to wonder if they are suffering from speech impediments. Could kick myself once more now 😐 )

For starters, there are the demands :-

“Aap mujhe kabhi bhi rulao nahin”.

“Mujhe chips chahiye…abhi ke abhi”.

Note to BF : No more Singham in front of the kids.

Then there are the threats :-

“Main Abbu ko bolunga aap mujhe satate”. Err….the little tattler!!

“Hum aapko Abbu ki car mein lekar jayenge NAHIN

And finally, the little things they say that makes the heart wild beat wildly with love :-

“Mumma……aap meri jaan, jaan, jaaaaaan ho”.

“Mumma, aapke paas car hai?” “Nahi betu”. “Main aapke liye car lekar aaunga. BIG car”.

Seeing me rushing between the kitchen and GMIL’s room ,”Bas Mumma…aap kitna kaam karte hai”.

And then the tales :-

“Mumma…mera bum dukh raha hai. Maine white-rice nahin khaya na, ishiliye mera bum dukhta hai”

“Mumma..aap Big Dadi ko dudu nahin do. Aap Lui ko bhi nahin do. Aap sirf mujhe do. Mai raja-beta hai na”.

And now for the disagreements :-

“Mumma, Shobby ki pant chhoti hai. Meri badi hai”.

“Nahin Lui, meri badi hai”.

“Nahin Shobby, aapki chhoti hai. Meri pant badi hai”.

“Waaaaaaannnhhhh!! MUMMMAAAAAA!!! Lui mujhe pareshan karti”.

Frankly, what the kids say these days is so much FUN, its difficult to ignore them 🙂

(Also, they provide me with loads of blog-fodder)

Can a Momma complain then?

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So here’s the update on the weekend , in continuation from my last post 🙂

Warning : Long post alert !!
1) I took an off from work on Friday. There were many things to catch up with , stuff to buy and the twin’s school to visit. So after a quick round-up of the cooking tasks, I made a dash for the twin’s school (The twins were meanwhile busy snoozing their hearts out. Their Diwali vacations had begun 😀 )
As usual, I was surprised at all that the teacher had to say…in a way, I was prepared to be surprised. I know my kids are totally different people at home and at school. But this time, I was a little disturbed to know that my kids are lagging behind in the art department. Though they hold a crayon or do finger painting, they are yet to gain control over their fingers. Lui tends to draw slashes across the page, totally ignoring the bird or fish or elephant that she is supposed to colour. On the other hand, Shobs draws a tiny speck in a corner of the page and proclaims that he is done 😐 ! The teacher mentioned that this is indicative of their personalities in the long run. Lui will be brash and uncontrolled whereas Shobs will be timid and hesitant . Needless to say, I was a little worried, but a little action now can prevent this damage. Lui needs to learn restraint and Shobs needs to let go. Talk about opposites 🙄 . This is something that I need to work on and am working on since I got back home! Thankfully, I have a surplus of chart-papers and drawing sheets, courtesy of planning meets at work 🙂

2) I visited my company after a looong time. It felt good to walk through the familiar stairwells, meet old friends, sip on coffee, the taste of which brought back memories of times when a large gang of us friends used to meet up at break times. Those were wonderful days….alas, most of the people are now spread in different buildings around the city…some even in another city. The office looked empty without all those familiar faces 😦
I did get to collect my Diwali gift though : A wall-clock. Reactions on it varied from shock to disbelief to resigned acceptance 😀

3)Friday was also the BIL’s birthday! And since he LOVES Chinese cuisine, what better gift than to rustle up some quick Chinese dishes to tickle the taste buds and satisfy the palate ?!
The MIL and FIL strictly abhor Chinese 😦 . The GMIL refuses to look at the stuff. The BF eats it, but if he has another option, he would just as easily give it up! That usually leaves me and the BIL, the only two who LOVE Chinese food. Also, once in a while, the BIL would parcel something up for me and we two would gobble it down while ruing the fact that no one else appreciates the goodness of it all 🙂
So I decided on the menu, made my purchases after the visit to my office, picked up all that was necessary and made my way home. The twins didn’t expect to see me home on a weekday and were overjoyed when I dropped in home in the middle of the day. I swear, there is no better welcome in this world than the open arms and radiant smile of your kids. I swear I fall in love with them each time I lay my eyes on them 🙂 which just about summarizes how badly I’m crazy about them 😀
Anyhow, the twins refused to let me rest, so after making sure they were fed and off to sleep, I made my way to the kitchen to start the preparation. The menu was :- Chicken Schezwan noodles, Prawn Fried Rice, Chilli-chicken (of course!) and Gobi-Manchurian (gravy). The dessert was a layered chocolate/Vanilla cake topped with chocolate icing (the cake appeared more exciting in print than in 3D 😦 ) .I set the cauliflower florets and chicken to marinate, and then proceeded with the cake. An hour and a half later, the cake was done. After that, it was a non-stop cooking marathon till I made sure all the dishes were ready, which they were, by 8:30 pm. A quick call was made to the BIL who assured that he would be home soon. The BF would be delayed, but then it was okay….it wasn’t his birthday 😀 . BUT, we did wait for him to come back before cutting the cake 😀
As for the dinner, it was a total hit. The FIL, who never eats Chinese, had two helpings of the noodles and praised the other dishes to no end. The MIL, who was initially reluctant to even taste the noodles, not only had it that day, but also the leftovers the next day 😀
Nothing, and I mean nothing  beats the satisfaction of making a good meal for the family and I’m glad I took the time and effort to do it. The evening was a success (if I say so myself). Yeah yeah, I know! I is the Raawck!! 😀

4) Nothing much happened on Saturday, except maybe the minor case of me almost killing the instructor and myself in a near fatal car-crash 😐
Like a true-blue rookie, I did what most freshers  while driving do – under cases of severe stress, we push down on the accelerator instead of the brake !!
Anyhow, fact of the matter is, I got over-confident. It was my fifth day. I could drive easily at a speed of 40kmph (OMG) and even the instructor was happy with my performance. Then came a slope where I was asked to take a left turn. In my eagerness, I changed the gear and stepped on the accelerator. The instructor yelled “Brake, Madam, brake!!” and in my nervousness, I stepped harder on the accelerator. A Car was coming from the left and the old man at the driver’s seat nearly suffered a cardiac arrest as he saw a car hurtling at him in full-speed. Thankfully, the instructor pressed down on his brake before we could crash! A few minutes of silence ensued, in which I could see snippets of my life floating in front of my eyes. The instructor was furious and gave me an ear-full. I didn’t mind it, since I knew I was at fault. The rest of the drive back to the centre was uneventful.
The BIGGEST mistake of it all was confiding in the BF about the near-accident. No need to tell you all how he reacted ! Suffice to say, I would need to buy my own car for practice now 😀

5) Did I mention that I prayed hard that no visitors should drop by? Well, I think the Almighty up there heard me just fine 🙂 . We didn’t have guests, the maids dropped by on time, I played loads with the twins and after ages, spent a very relaxed Saturday 🙂

6) Got up early on Sunday….I think it was because of crackers bursting off early. I had a lunch appointment with a girl who, we are hoping, becomes a new member of the family 🙂 . After breakfast, I made lunch, got the twins bathed and dressed and got dressed for the meeting.
But first, a little background on the girl.

We’ve been actively looking at marriage profiles of girls for the BIL. Unfortunately, the BIL has not had much interactions with girls. He’s tongue-tied and shy in front of them. We were trying our best to figure out what kind of girl he prefers and one day he confessed that he himself is not sure. That put us in a dilemma…because like I told the MIL, we aren’t getting married , he is. So its totally vital that he participate in this hunt and take an interest in the profiles. We almost had to shove profiles under his nose and make sure he takes a good look at the snaps. The BIL would take a quick peep, say no and when questioned why, would sheepishly reply that he’s not sure, but he definitely didn’t want that girl as his wife. Obviously, me and the MIL were on a constant eye-rolling mission around this guy 😐

One day, the MIL spotted this girl (lets call her AM) at a funeral. Ever the watchful woman, MIL liked what she saw and immediately made inquiries about her. Shortly, we got hold of her profile and it was another week before the BIL laid eyes on the snaps. Initially, he was non-committal, humming and hawing and annoying MIL and me to no end. Then one fine day, he asked MIL if there were any updates . MIL pointed out that he was the one should be updating us! So the BIL magnanimously asked MIL to take the matter forward. MIL immediately called up the girl’s family and initiated the talks. The girl’s family were pretty keen too and though no dates were set, the two families agreed to meet up soon.

In the meanwhile, MIL asked the girl’s family if it was okay for the prospective bride and groom to meet. They said yes and we immediately pestered the BIL to fix an appointment and meet up with AM. The BIL kept postponing the meeting, obviously rattled to bits about seeing a girl for marital purposes for the first time in his life. After 10 days of his dilly-dallying, the MIL got fed up and fixed an appointment with the girl for the next day.  The BIL had no option but to oblige. The day of the meeting, he was pensive, worried, had butterflies in his tummy and a pleading look in his eyes, begging us to let him off. But the MIL firmly opened the door and asked him to get his butt to the venue ASAP! Before he left,I gave him a couple of topics that he could talk on, a tip on taking chocolates along and also a warning on what NOT to bring up in the first meeting.

AM had a terrific impact on the BIL. What else could come to our mind when this guy walks into the house in the evening and declares he is going to marry only her and no one else! What shocked us more?? The generally shy and reserved BIL spoke to AM for more than 2 hours , and immediately told her that he wanted to marry her, asked her if she was interested and when she said she needed to ask her family, firmly demanded if it was she who was getting married or her family!! He asked her for her reply and when she was uncertain, he was magnanimous enough to give her 10 minutes to think and answer 🙄 . AM was stunned, I’m sure, but surprisingly, she did call him up after 10 minutes and gave a tentative yes (crazy, I tell you 😀 ). The MIL nearly fainted with shock when she heard all this! The FIL refused to believe it all and the BF gave a prayer of thanks that finally, finally the BIL was ready to settle down 🙂

Whew! Talk about being fast-forward 😀 !!

Anyhow, so I called up AM and asked if I could meet up with her on Sunday. The venue was a mall near her place and since it was a long drive from my place, I left early. I settled myself at the food-court and waited for her to come. I like to observe people and I wanted to see AM before she sees me 😀 . She turned up shortly and this is what my impression about her was :-

  • Taller than me
  • Simple
  • Straightforward
  • Honest
  • Big eyes (that welled up with tears at the mention of her father, who expired a few months back)
  • Earthy
  • Demure
  • Reserved
  • NOT a blabber-mouth, unlike the woman sitting opposite to her

Well, that sums up most of her in the first visit. We did talk, or you could say, I talked, I asked, I clarified and she mostly smiled shyly and nodded her head along 😀 .  But towards the end of the meeting, I could see what the BIL saw in her….her simplicity, the maturity of her speech , her frank opinion on the BIL (bordering on the favourable 😉  , because, frankly, she didn’t like to be pushed into a corner for her answer. Of course 🙂 ). The BIL cannot be faulted for being smitten *sigh* ……I think he’s experiencing his first rush of love! 😀 . For his sake alone, we are seriously hoping that this alliance comes through! Next week, she brings her mother back from her uncle’s place. The weekend after that, we go visiting her family. And probably the week after that, her family comes by our place.

And after that…..well…you’ll just have to watch this space for more updates 😛

The rest of Sunday evening was spent in discussions, plannings, what-ifs and what-nots! And that, my friends , is how I spent my weekend.

AND. Since its the eve of Diwali , I know very well what I’ll be doing this weekend. Meeting friends and consuming tons of faraal, of course 😀

How about you all??

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Bursting with Updates

Goood Morrrrning People!!

I have so much to talk about, I wonder why I haven’t burst all over this place already 😀

(Seeing that this blog now shows only the Weekend updates)


There’s a reason for my absence.

Firstly, I’m eye-brow deep in work.

Secondly, the inevitable happened. I exceeded the net-usage limit 😦  *hanging head in shame*

In my defense, all I can say is that the little app that showed us our limit is no longer available. So I had no idea when exactly the calamity happened. Though I didn’t get pulled up for it or anything….but I seriously consider it a blot on my till now blemish-free career 😦

Also, there’s  the update on the killer Chinese dinner I made for the BIL’s B’day, The twin’s school report before the vacation began, the near-fatal accident in the driving class and a meeting with the woman who stole the BIL’s heart.

But since I just came in now, please be patient till I get the time to update you all on the details.

Till then, its time to dig into the inbox and check the work-load for the day 😀


(See you all soon)

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This could well be my car and someone’s house one of these days 😦

So I started with these driving classes, opting for a well-used WagonR. My first session was yesterday, which lasted around 15 minutes. The second session was today , which took around the same time, but a longer route.

Aaand. What do I have after a total of 30 minutes in the driver’s seat –

1) An excellent driving instructor who just dropped by from HELL!!

2) Two cranky kids who refused to cooperate and get up early for their momma.

3) One cranky BF who has to get up early to mind the kids in my absence.

4) Sweat-soaked office-wear after trembling in the driver’s seat. I swear I was this close to ramming into dividers!

5) Loss of hair and appetite from the above tension.

Overall, I think its a good start 🙂

And oh, for the record, on my very first drive, I made a ‘U’ turn (YAAAY!!) . And today, when my foot was on the accelerator , the car didn’t move like the camel 😀

Some improvement that. What say?!

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Warning : LONG post alert !!

Hello  people 🙂

Welcome back to the weekend updates from the MomOfRS household. Nothing of much importance happened, other than me yanking the hair off my head after the twins, running around for household chores, buying grocery (which my friends wonder why the BF and BIL cant do. *Sigh* Its a long story 😦 ), tending to the granny and the twins (Nanny bunking. YET.AGAIN 😐 ) and barely getting 18 hours of sleep from Friday night to Sunday night. And whatever I did get, was broken by

1) nightmares from Lui.

2) Crying-for-his-mumma Shobs

3)Worrying about over-sleeping and not getting up in time. So between 12 in the night and 6 in the morning, I wake up at least thrice to check if my alarm was set right or not.

Anyhow, I’ll quickly (hehe, just kidding 😀 ) summarize the jam packed weekend for posterity’s sake. So one day , when I’m too old to walk across the room, I’ll sit on one corner of my bed, open my laptop, connect to the web and marvel on the days that saw me busy as a bee 😀

1) Friday evening, I caught a few snippets of the serial “Kuchh to log kahenge”. Something seemed familiar about it. I mean, surely there have been loads of doctor-doctor, doctor-nurse romances in movies and serials (that reminds me, I’m yet to see a more authentic ‘Hospital’ saga than DD’s Lifeline. Does anyone remember that? It featured Ila Arun as the dope addicted doctor). I hunted a bit of info on the serial and what did I find?! The serial’s a blatant rip-off on Dhoop-Kinare. Dhoop-Kinare !! I mean, I remember fighting for the video cassettes at our local shopping centre. The guy had a diary of people who had booked for the series in advance…it was first come, first serve. So popular was it that practically everyone knew Ahmer (Rahat Kazmi) and Zoya (Marina Khan)!! Anyone who has lived in North India in the nineties would know what I’m talking about! Its a pity that we in India  can’t come up with original, block-buster tele-dramas 😦 !!

2) Since I was on the Web, I caught up with news on my favorite politician 😀 .


Did you check out the size of her statue ?!  The only thing larger than that would be her ego, I guess! Inflated. There’s no other word for it! Plus, is it just me or do you too see that her statue overshadows BR Ambedkar’s and Kanshi Ram’s ?!

3) Saturday morning, I woke up early, as usual. Tended to GMIL and went about the business of cooking, cleaning and minding the twins (who believe me, are totally non-cooperative when I’m home 😐 ) The nanny came in by 11:30 and thankfully, I could take a break, have a cuppa and get dressed to meet BFS (after ages 🙄 ) and shop for groceries and stuff for GMIL. In between, I also had a show-down with the BF, where I walked out of the argument mid-way, seeing that it was leading nowhere. I really , really feel the in-laws should have sent the BF away from them for a a few years ….or maybe at least long enough for him to learn to put his clothes in the cup-board 😀 . Too many years of the MIL and GMIL doing his work has resulted in a hubby who feels deprived if his wife doesn’t put away his stuff!

4) Met BFS after a looong time. Its a pity that we get to meet so rarely, living in the same city 😦 .But we did cover up for the missing time, catching up with each other’s life, with me ranting about the BF and his lack of homely responsibilities and BFS talking about her life, job and her family. It was a time well spent and I do hope we get to meet more often now.

5) BFS accompanied me for the shopping. There are some things that are cheaper in the wholesale markets (Like diapers for the GMIL which are sold for half the MRP !!)and that was where I was headed to. I bought a load of other household stuff at the same place. Alas, the store did not have pulses or grains and I thought of buying them from a store near my place. Since it was a weekend (and close to Diwali) the shopping area was packed with people. It was with much pushing and shoving that BFS and me were able to make our way out of the lanes and towards my park. Dropped BFS halfway to her home and dangling my legs on both sides of the bike (in my defense, your honour, there was no space on the foot-rest!) I made my way home, where after briefly washing my face with cold water, I crashed out. But not for long.

6) I had a splitting head-ache because of which I got up. The nanny served me tea (bless the girl) and my eyes could finally focus. I think the heat of the day got to me. The twins wanted me to play with them, but I could barely keep my eye-lids open 😦 . Thankfully, I brightened up within an hour. Played with them for a while and then set about laying dinner for the family. The twins were in no mood to sleep, so I watched a few nursery rhymes with them on the laptop, then read them a story from the new story-book I’d purchased a while back. We finally crashed out around 12.

7) Sunday was eventful. More than I would have liked it to be. Woke up at 5 am to make breakfast parcel for the in-laws who were leaving for another town by 6. Since the FIL does not prefer bread, I made chapatis and bhindi 🙂 . By 6:30, the cook came in to make the regular chapatis for the day. By the time she was ready to leave, GML was up and I had to set up the bathroom for her ablutions. After she was in the bathroom, I cleaned up her room (alcove, actually ), made her bed and swept the house. Since GMIL takes her own sweet time in the bathroom (sometimes up to 45 minutes), I went to my room to wait for her to come out. BIG MISTAKE!!

One look at the bed and I settled on it for a while, being sleepy from waking up early. The GMIL, on her behalf, completed her wash earlier than usual and started calling out to me. Alas, I didn’t hear her. By the time I jolted out of my sleep, it was good 10 minutes in which the granny had yelled herself hoarse. Worse part was that when I did come in to help her out of the bathroom, she started sobbing 😦 . Made me feel rotten…..

8 ) Quickly made breakfast for the BF and granny. BIL had left for work early. I made lauki-curry for lunch and wrapped up my kitchen tasks. Woke the kids and did my best to get them bathed and dressed. They weren’t helping me at all 😀 . The BF, meanwhile slept through all this. And when he did wake up, he got calls from various people and had to rush out . *Sigh*…sometimes, I wonder if I’m the only one who doesn’t get to spend a Sunday the way she wants 😐

9) We had guests. An elderly couple who had come to meet the GMIL. They are relatives of the FIL. Since they came around 12:45, lunch was a must. This put me in a bit of a tizzy, since I was planning on feeding everyone the curry and chapatis. But with guests, GMIL expected us to be as gracious as possible! So in spite of the kids howling for attention, I had to rush to the kitchen and rustle up some more veggies and make rice. I’ll be honest and confess that I wasn’t a little bit glad about all the extra work 😦 . Moreover, the twins started screaming for attention and GMIL was reminding me again about serving the guests lunch, so in my harried state, I took the twins to my room and locked them in while I did my best to hasten with lunch. The lady guest came in and started chiding me on my rude behavior with the twins. Thankfully, before I could blow my top and remind her that she was the reason for this mess, the BF walked in. The twins immediately calmed down and settled down to play with him while I scurried between the hall and kitchen feeding the guests and the granny (for the record, our apartment is a joint operation on two apartments giving our flat a ‘U’ look if seen from above. So while the drawing room of one apartment has been retained for guests, the kitchen of the other is used for our regular cooking. So if someone calls from the drawing room, we cannot hear it in the kitchen. So I had to make trips between the two places to make sure the guests and granny were fed well).

10) Post lunch, I tried  to put the twins down for a nap. Lui obliged, but Shobs was reluctant to sleep, acting like the energizer bunny (he is one, actually 😀 ). When he finally did doze off, so did I. I had settled the guests in the in-laws room for their siesta earlier. Couldn’t sleep much because I was worried I’d oversleep and miss out on making tea for the guests. So I bustled out, made tea, served it up with biscuits and seriously prayed that the guests leave for the day 😦 . Once they did, I settled with vegetable-sorting for the week. Once the cook came in, I asked her to make Veg-pulao and asked the BF to get curd. After the cook left, I called up the MIL to check when she would be back. MIL replied that they were close to Pune and were getting another relative along (the FIL’s sister). I could have kicked myself for not making that call before the cook left 😦 . Anyhow, since I hate wastage and had made sure the dinner was sufficient for family, I hadn’t put into consideration feeding an extra guest. Amends had to be made. Dinner had to be stretched. But how?? I thought for some time and came up with the idea of making sooji-halwa, an all time favourite with everyone at home and a filler to boot (plus, it doesn’t take that long to cook). Rustling up the dish, I realized that I’d spent more time in the kitchen that day than I had planned. Not that I don’t like cooking, but for some reason, I just want to take a break from it all….

Once the MIL was home, I served dinner and narrated my tiring tale to her. She was immediately sympathetic and ordered me to be off to bed at the soonest. I thanked her and asked the BF to mind the twins while I settled for the night.

Alas, the kids thought otherwise. So they came into the room and begged me to play with them, even as I begged them to leave me alone. The BF, oblivious to my plight, sat and watched TV with his family at the other end of the house, in the drawing room. By 11:45pm, I did think of giving him a call and yelling my heart out….but realized that the effort wasn’t worth it. I don’t particularly remember anything after that.

Monday morning, I was up and about at 6 as usual.

This has been one of the most tiring weekends ever. Somehow, I see no charm in these two days of the week, except maybe spending the time with kids. But the exhaustion I feel towards the end of it all makes me lethargic on Mondays, when I have to report back to work. BFS asked me if working was really, really important to me. And know what I answered? Yes it is. Because you see, I get to sit in one place for as long as I want . Thats the only rest I get throughout the week 😀

AND. Now that I have whined my heart out, I feel better. Much better. If you have taken the time to read till here, I thank you for being a patient audience 🙂 . Hope you all had a better weekend !

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….just got two new members!

Lui and Shobs are the latest entrants in the “I LOVE Salman Khan” club! A fact made abundantly clear by the following conversation –

The BF is reading the morning papers and the twins are playing on the sofa. Shobs playfully clambers on to his father’s shoulder, looks down at the paper and spots a snap of Salman Khan.

Shobs : Abu, yeh Shalman Kaan hai na, Shalman?!

BF :  😐 Huh?!!

Lui immediately clambers over the father’s other shoulder and peers down.

Lui : Arre Shobby, yeh Shalman nahin hai, Sallu hai, Sallu.

BF : 😯

Me : 😯

Evidently, the nanny is keeping the twins entertained with Salman Khan in our absence (since we rarely switch on the TV in their presence and then too, only Animal Planet or National Geographic). What surprises me though, is that of all the movie actors they’ve seen on screen, there is only one whom they recognize! No other actor/character registers in their mind! If this isn’t the sign of a true follower, what is 😀 ?!!

Aaaaannd….the cherry on the cake?

Both Lui and Shobs have taken a liking for wearing button-down shirts with the buttons open 😐 . No more T-shirts for them !Any attempt to button the shirts are met with stiff disapproval and howls of protest. The worst part? Lui loves rubbing her bare tummy as she goes around the house claiming herself to be ‘Sallu’ !!

Ya Allaaaah!!!

After all the hard-work and sacrifices I made to keep them away from the cine-world !!

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We had our business counterparts visiting us a couple of weeks back . They were two lovely women who were responsible for gathering the customer requirements and feedback and guiding us on what the market needs are. But I wont get into their professional expertise here. What I want to share are the inputs of the personal kind that I gathered from them.

But first, a little background. Lets call one of them L and the other M. They are both senior members in the team and with the client company for the last 11 years. Needless to say, they have an excellent professional record and an enviable standing in the company. Also, L must be nearing 50 and M must be between 35-40 years of age (I didn’t ask, for obvious reasons). B-U-T! They are both gorgeous !!

During their stay here, we had the opportunity to take them out for shopping and spending some time with them. These two women sure know how to keep their professional life separate from their personal. So, away from office, they can talk nineteen to a dozen about their kids and personal life, but once back in, they shed the casualness and become professional once again. It was amazing to see the transformation, because frankly, it was so effortless, I doubt they realized the change themselves! Lesson One learnt here.

For all the meetings scheduled with the two, it was embarrassing to note that they were always before time 😦 . I mean, we did try to make an effort to reach on time, but they beat us to it each time!! They didn’t mind letting us know that before coming here, they were coached on the IST and our interpretation of it. I felt a tad humiliated on that, but they were cheerful and didn’t mean it in spite, so I’ll just accept the fact that try as we might, tardiness is in our blood. So next time we have a meeting, it is best to leave a few minutes before time than to rush in at the last minute. Lesson Two learnt here.

L was recently married, a few months before she came to India. Even as we wondered at the decision of marrying so late (by Indian standards), we were humbled by her comments that she married the right man at the right time and in a manner that she always wanted to. That she could conduct the wedding on her own expenditure (it was extravagant, I tell you, them pictures don’t lie 😐 ) . We, the ones who chip in (marginally) as our parents first struggle to earn and then spend it all on our weddings , felt rotten. Somewhere along the line, I feel we are way too pampered. Why do our parents have to spend on our wedding? Why cant we do it ourselves??  Maybe then we can ask Dad to cross off that obnoxious relative from the guest list 😀 . Lesson Three learnt here.

L and M don’t have children of their own. L has opened up her arms for her husband’s children (from his first marriage). We wouldn’t have guessed they weren’t her’s, going by the way she gushed about the kids and the way her face glowed with pride when narrating their achievements 🙂 . M adopted two kids from far-off Russia, a pair of siblings, both boys. And the way she gushed about them was heart-warming too. I mean, it takes a large heart to be so encompassing, to learn to accept and love. And both these women love the children in their lives, we could see that 🙂 . Lesson Four learnt here.

These two women stayed here but a week, but their sheer exuberance and enthusiasm was infectious. They weren’t prissy and uptight and even agreed to eat everything we piled on their plates. It was a far-cry from some other visitors I’ve seen who wouldn’t touch our food or water unless it was pizza or coke! L, the elder of the two was so energetic, she would put a 20-year-old to shame ! They were frank, open, welcoming and I guess this was the reason we extended our hospitality far beyond what we do for other clients. And, the best part, they never commented negatively about our roads or the markets or the crowd 🙂 . I think they accepted India as they saw it whereas we still struggle to come to terms with what we see. Lesson Five learnt here.

We felt really bad that these two had to leave so soon…..I think I’ve learned a lot from them . And maybe, just maybe, they had some more lessons up their sleeves 🙂

So here’s hoping L and M come back for a visit soon (at least L said she would 😀 ).

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Something tells me this blog is now mostly resigned to narrating weekend updates. Not done at all! I plan to correct this slight at the earliest. Till then, here’s how my weekend went (note : I typed it all out yesterday, but forgot to hit publish. Saw the draft state today 😦 )  :-


I guess this is the only word that best describes this weekend.

And before you jump the gun, I’ll clarify that when I say, “Happening”, I mean, constant occurences of activities related to me and NOT, gossipy, interesting things that happen to other people.

Whew. I’m glad we sorted that out 😀

So, coming back to the weekend updates (and my weakness for bullet-pointing), I’ll promptly start off with Friday evening .

1) Yogaaaaaaa.Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

Okay, you got that. Friday evening, I dashed off to the gym and was late for the yoga class by 15 minutes (*hang my head in shame 😦 *). The Surya Namaskar was over by then (yipppeee 😀 ) and I began with the other asanas. I sincerely believe the yoga instructor gets her kicks out of seeing a plump, stocky woman fold herself into a pretzel and then having trouble unfolding herself! Why else would she ask me to do stuff that requires me to do unimaginable amounts of bending, squirming, turning, folding, stretching, groaning and gasping?! Or maybe she just wanted to punish me for coming in late ! Whatever the case, I’m much chastised and much supple today 🙂

2) JustBooks!

Thats the library which has recently opened a branch in Pune (I think the main branch is there in Bangalore). Score!

The icing on the cream? The library is on the ground floor of the same building which houses the gym! Double score 😀 !!

So now, not only do I get to work-out, I also get to issue books and read them at my will. I.AM.IN.WORD.HEAVEN right now 🙂

3) I took the kids to a colleague’s house for a team party. The other team members had come with their kids too and we were a loud, noisy bunch that had fun cooking and having a meal together. Shobs was a wee reserved, but Lui chatted on unabashedly! She did make me feel a little embarrassed at times, but then thats vintage Lui! Which kid doesn’t revel in embarrassing their parents, I ask you! Surprisingly, the twins didn’t damage anything…..but my friend’s house was in shambles by the time we all left 🙂 .

And oh, I made my, now regular, chilli-chicken, which was anything but spicy 😐 . Ho-hum. Will add more chillies next time !

Also, Lui tried to sneak out of the friend’s house with her hands full of the clothespins. We managed to stop her in time and drop the pins back in the balcony. The little felon!!

4) I spent Saturday evening playing with the kids, sorting laundry, cleaning up the room, giving some semblance of order to the wardrobe, and little tasks which otherwise get waylaid. The kids dropped off to sleep early since they were tired after the long day. I watched a rather sad movie, Murder2, because there was nothing else to do and I was bored 😦

PS: The movie is a bore with loopholes one can drive a car through! What a waste!

5) On Sunday, I revived the inner Tamilian in me and made Pongal and chutney for breakfast. It was appreciated by one and all 🙂 . For lunch, I once again made Kadhi, in the South-Indian way, with onions and tomatoes. Once again, it was much appreciated 🙂 (Seriously, I was on a roll yesterday 😀 ) . Post lunch, I went out to buy monthly groceries, cursing the BF who refused to accompany me and the BIL who had work! So I just bought stuff that I could lug back home on my darling Scooty! Obviously, I need to visit the grocery store again 😦

6) In my absence, the BF bought a bunk-bed for the kids. It is second-hand, but not used much. We’ll be redoing the mattresses for it shortly. But the kids L-O-V-E it to no end. It is red, blue and yellow. Has steps and allows them to touch the fan (groan). But much of yesterday was spent in getting the hang of climbing up and coming down. Lui is better at it , maybe because of her height, but Shobs has some way to go where the height department is concerned ( I’m wondering about the authenticity of that PediaSure ad….doesn’t seem to make any difference on my kids yet 😦 ).

Why bunk beds?

Because its high time the BF got to sleep on his own bed than sleep on the floor on a mattress 😀

(I don’t mind this change of settings at all. Obviously 😉 )

7) Yesterday being a Sunday, we had the regular plethora of visitors dropping by to visit the granny. It is heartening to see how many people care for her 🙂 . She is doing okay, I wouldn’t say great because I haven’t  seen any improvement on her status for the last couple of months, but at least her health is not on a decline. Some respite, that.

8) We moved the GMIL to the drawing room. Actually, we have a pretty large drawing room, so we partitioned it a bit by use of curtains to make a nice cosy alcove for the granny. One of the reasons for doing it was that the GMIL was cut-off from the regular house-hold activities when resigned to her room, whereas , in the drawing room, she could be a part of all the mad-rush happening around her. Also, she gets to watch some television, though she’s not a fan of it (seriously, I doubt if anyone in my family is keen on watching TV 😐 )

9) I made inquiries for driving classes. Yes, I’m finally planning on learning to drive a four-wheeler. Then I can happily bid the BF goodbye  and drive into the sunset 😀 . Will be joining from next week. Hopefully, most of the classes will be covered in the MIL’s Diwali break. I hope I learn quickly and don’t dash into anyone 😐

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Thursday Moods

Funny day of the week, isn’t it?

I mean, you don’t have the early-week blues, are just settling into the comfort of work and there is still time for the weekend. I think Thursday is the most productive day of the week. I like Thursdays. But that’s just me. You are entitled to your opinions about the same 🙂

Today is a surprisingly complex day. My mood flits so many ways that I don’t know whom to blame (or whether the mood swings deserve blaming in the first place!)

By the way, before I forget, let me jot down all the stuff happening around me which makes me morose and happy at the same time!

1) Its Dussehra today, so Happy Dussehra to you and your families 🙂 . Let Goodness prevail and let evil be banished back to the lava-depths it arises from.

2) RIP Steve. You made an entire generation live in awe of the apple.

3) Half the public at work is on leave. Half the companies in the office complex are shut-down for the day. Does one EVER feel like working on such a day?

4) Had a minor tiff with the MIL this morning. I thought it was sorted out by the time I left, alas the MIL took it more seriously than I’d anticipated. I did call and apologise, though I’m still not certain, for what! But like the BF says, ‘ saying sorry doesn’t drill holes through your skin’, so yeah, if it makes her feel better, I guess I’ll feel better too (in the long run, I guess 😀 )

5) There is loads to do at work and also , some extra work in preparation of client visit next week. Lets just say, the extra work is consuming more time than I’d like to dedicate to it. My gym-timings suffer in the meanwhile 😦  (yeah, after that first yoga session, I haven’t stepped into the gym yet, though I carry the bag with me everyday). Not a great start I say 😦

6) Friends at work brought loads of sweets and home-made goodies! Who could resist?! Like I say, the UNIVERSE conspires against me 😦

7) Its pouring outside right now…a lovely hard-core downpour, with trees swaying in the wind and the air cooler by a few degrees. Hope it doesn’t carry on till late evening. I dumped my raincoat in the cupboard just last evening (and all these days, it was just gathering dust in my bike’s storage 😦 ) . Also, I wore pristine white to work today 😐

8) Its a beautiful day today 🙂 . The whole city seems to be washed with the brightness of the marigold….from cheery, sunny yellow to deep tangerine , the flowers abound everywhere you turn your head, on buildings, on cars, bikes, flats, shops, everywhere 🙂 . Gladdens the heart wonderfully 🙂

With so much happening in a day, how does one define how one feels?

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Wordless Wednesday

“Lui, Shobs!! What are you doing in there??”

“Just chilling out mom!! ”

"the cool air tickles me just right"

"Hey Mom, d'ya mind if I settle in here for the night?"

And that’s why you must never plan on cleaning your refrigerator, on a hot day, when the kids are home!

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