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Thursday Moods

Funny day of the week, isn’t it?

I mean, you don’t have the early-week blues, are just settling into the comfort of work and there is still time for the weekend. I think Thursday is the most productive day of the week. I like Thursdays. But that’s just me. You are entitled to your opinions about the same 🙂

Today is a surprisingly complex day. My mood flits so many ways that I don’t know whom to blame (or whether the mood swings deserve blaming in the first place!)

By the way, before I forget, let me jot down all the stuff happening around me which makes me morose and happy at the same time!

1) Its Dussehra today, so Happy Dussehra to you and your families 🙂 . Let Goodness prevail and let evil be banished back to the lava-depths it arises from.

2) RIP Steve. You made an entire generation live in awe of the apple.

3) Half the public at work is on leave. Half the companies in the office complex are shut-down for the day. Does one EVER feel like working on such a day?

4) Had a minor tiff with the MIL this morning. I thought it was sorted out by the time I left, alas the MIL took it more seriously than I’d anticipated. I did call and apologise, though I’m still not certain, for what! But like the BF says, ‘ saying sorry doesn’t drill holes through your skin’, so yeah, if it makes her feel better, I guess I’ll feel better too (in the long run, I guess 😀 )

5) There is loads to do at work and also , some extra work in preparation of client visit next week. Lets just say, the extra work is consuming more time than I’d like to dedicate to it. My gym-timings suffer in the meanwhile 😦  (yeah, after that first yoga session, I haven’t stepped into the gym yet, though I carry the bag with me everyday). Not a great start I say 😦

6) Friends at work brought loads of sweets and home-made goodies! Who could resist?! Like I say, the UNIVERSE conspires against me 😦

7) Its pouring outside right now…a lovely hard-core downpour, with trees swaying in the wind and the air cooler by a few degrees. Hope it doesn’t carry on till late evening. I dumped my raincoat in the cupboard just last evening (and all these days, it was just gathering dust in my bike’s storage 😦 ) . Also, I wore pristine white to work today 😐

8) Its a beautiful day today 🙂 . The whole city seems to be washed with the brightness of the marigold….from cheery, sunny yellow to deep tangerine , the flowers abound everywhere you turn your head, on buildings, on cars, bikes, flats, shops, everywhere 🙂 . Gladdens the heart wonderfully 🙂

With so much happening in a day, how does one define how one feels?

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