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From the Mouth Of Babes

Since the twins were born, I used to fret about when I’ll get to hear them talk. To hear them sing rhymes or songs. Or just to scream and yell. As babies, they were both docile, letting out a  plaintive cry only when hungry (in the case of Lui) or sleepy, before-bath, after-bath, before-pee, after-pee, before-poop, after-poop, before-feed, after-feed,etc (in the case of Shobs). Life, though simpler, was far too unknown. When they cried, I used to cry too, unsure about what made them cry.  This happened on a regular basis until I realized they were colic-y. Whew! *wiping sweat off brow* . They soon out-grew the colic and became wimpy for no reason. Then came the phase where they realized that their vocals could get them the moon, if they took the effort to exercise them. And Boy!! Did they exercise them vocals or what?!! So while Lui screamed her heart out for the blue pen, her mother  (that’s me) would dash across the room with one hand stretched forward to grab the pen  and another holding one ear shut, just so that she could hear herself think. Grabbing the pen, she would dash back and hand over the pen to the pleased-as-punch Lui while she herself collected her breath and tried to normalize her wildly thudding heart. The quick dashes were made about a zillion times a day until finally, the mother had a brainwave and insisted that the kids speak out what they want.

(That woman could kick herself  now )

So the kids learned to speak-out. Or demand. Or threaten. Or wheedle. Or tattle. Or be a continuous nuisance with their insistence that their mother listen to every single word they have to say. Even if it means Lui grabbing her mother’s face for attention, “Mumma…pelle meri baat shuno” and then going off into a tall tale about how Shobs took away her crayon at school because of which she could not eat her dinner which in turn gave her a high temperature which ultimately leads her to demand her dose of medication! Mumma has no option but to listen. And these tales are churned out  wild and fast. There is no escaping them…..when I’m trying to read the paper, or a book or work on my laptop or cook in the kitchen or even head to the loo. What they have to say is of national importance and dare I ignore or avoid them! Hell hath no fury than a pair of twins scorned 😐 !! “Mai kab se baat karti….aap shunte nahin 😦 ” …believe me , such lines , when uttered with puppy-dog eyes are enough to make a mother dump everything and sit down to listen to her ickle munchkins!

The twins then start talking. And HOW?!

(And to think I used to wonder if they are suffering from speech impediments. Could kick myself once more now 😐 )

For starters, there are the demands :-

“Aap mujhe kabhi bhi rulao nahin”.

“Mujhe chips chahiye…abhi ke abhi”.

Note to BF : No more Singham in front of the kids.

Then there are the threats :-

“Main Abbu ko bolunga aap mujhe satate”. Err….the little tattler!!

“Hum aapko Abbu ki car mein lekar jayenge NAHIN

And finally, the little things they say that makes the heart wild beat wildly with love :-

“Mumma……aap meri jaan, jaan, jaaaaaan ho”.

“Mumma, aapke paas car hai?” “Nahi betu”. “Main aapke liye car lekar aaunga. BIG car”.

Seeing me rushing between the kitchen and GMIL’s room ,”Bas Mumma…aap kitna kaam karte hai”.

And then the tales :-

“Mumma…mera bum dukh raha hai. Maine white-rice nahin khaya na, ishiliye mera bum dukhta hai”

“Mumma..aap Big Dadi ko dudu nahin do. Aap Lui ko bhi nahin do. Aap sirf mujhe do. Mai raja-beta hai na”.

And now for the disagreements :-

“Mumma, Shobby ki pant chhoti hai. Meri badi hai”.

“Nahin Lui, meri badi hai”.

“Nahin Shobby, aapki chhoti hai. Meri pant badi hai”.

“Waaaaaaannnhhhh!! MUMMMAAAAAA!!! Lui mujhe pareshan karti”.

Frankly, what the kids say these days is so much FUN, its difficult to ignore them 🙂

(Also, they provide me with loads of blog-fodder)

Can a Momma complain then?

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