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Something tells me this blog is now mostly resigned to narrating weekend updates. Not done at all! I plan to correct this slight at the earliest. Till then, here’s how my weekend went (note : I typed it all out yesterday, but forgot to hit publish. Saw the draft state today 😦 )  :-


I guess this is the only word that best describes this weekend.

And before you jump the gun, I’ll clarify that when I say, “Happening”, I mean, constant occurences of activities related to me and NOT, gossipy, interesting things that happen to other people.

Whew. I’m glad we sorted that out 😀

So, coming back to the weekend updates (and my weakness for bullet-pointing), I’ll promptly start off with Friday evening .

1) Yogaaaaaaa.Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

Okay, you got that. Friday evening, I dashed off to the gym and was late for the yoga class by 15 minutes (*hang my head in shame 😦 *). The Surya Namaskar was over by then (yipppeee 😀 ) and I began with the other asanas. I sincerely believe the yoga instructor gets her kicks out of seeing a plump, stocky woman fold herself into a pretzel and then having trouble unfolding herself! Why else would she ask me to do stuff that requires me to do unimaginable amounts of bending, squirming, turning, folding, stretching, groaning and gasping?! Or maybe she just wanted to punish me for coming in late ! Whatever the case, I’m much chastised and much supple today 🙂

2) JustBooks!

Thats the library which has recently opened a branch in Pune (I think the main branch is there in Bangalore). Score!

The icing on the cream? The library is on the ground floor of the same building which houses the gym! Double score 😀 !!

So now, not only do I get to work-out, I also get to issue books and read them at my will. I.AM.IN.WORD.HEAVEN right now 🙂

3) I took the kids to a colleague’s house for a team party. The other team members had come with their kids too and we were a loud, noisy bunch that had fun cooking and having a meal together. Shobs was a wee reserved, but Lui chatted on unabashedly! She did make me feel a little embarrassed at times, but then thats vintage Lui! Which kid doesn’t revel in embarrassing their parents, I ask you! Surprisingly, the twins didn’t damage anything…..but my friend’s house was in shambles by the time we all left 🙂 .

And oh, I made my, now regular, chilli-chicken, which was anything but spicy 😐 . Ho-hum. Will add more chillies next time !

Also, Lui tried to sneak out of the friend’s house with her hands full of the clothespins. We managed to stop her in time and drop the pins back in the balcony. The little felon!!

4) I spent Saturday evening playing with the kids, sorting laundry, cleaning up the room, giving some semblance of order to the wardrobe, and little tasks which otherwise get waylaid. The kids dropped off to sleep early since they were tired after the long day. I watched a rather sad movie, Murder2, because there was nothing else to do and I was bored 😦

PS: The movie is a bore with loopholes one can drive a car through! What a waste!

5) On Sunday, I revived the inner Tamilian in me and made Pongal and chutney for breakfast. It was appreciated by one and all 🙂 . For lunch, I once again made Kadhi, in the South-Indian way, with onions and tomatoes. Once again, it was much appreciated 🙂 (Seriously, I was on a roll yesterday 😀 ) . Post lunch, I went out to buy monthly groceries, cursing the BF who refused to accompany me and the BIL who had work! So I just bought stuff that I could lug back home on my darling Scooty! Obviously, I need to visit the grocery store again 😦

6) In my absence, the BF bought a bunk-bed for the kids. It is second-hand, but not used much. We’ll be redoing the mattresses for it shortly. But the kids L-O-V-E it to no end. It is red, blue and yellow. Has steps and allows them to touch the fan (groan). But much of yesterday was spent in getting the hang of climbing up and coming down. Lui is better at it , maybe because of her height, but Shobs has some way to go where the height department is concerned ( I’m wondering about the authenticity of that PediaSure ad….doesn’t seem to make any difference on my kids yet 😦 ).

Why bunk beds?

Because its high time the BF got to sleep on his own bed than sleep on the floor on a mattress 😀

(I don’t mind this change of settings at all. Obviously 😉 )

7) Yesterday being a Sunday, we had the regular plethora of visitors dropping by to visit the granny. It is heartening to see how many people care for her 🙂 . She is doing okay, I wouldn’t say great because I haven’t  seen any improvement on her status for the last couple of months, but at least her health is not on a decline. Some respite, that.

8) We moved the GMIL to the drawing room. Actually, we have a pretty large drawing room, so we partitioned it a bit by use of curtains to make a nice cosy alcove for the granny. One of the reasons for doing it was that the GMIL was cut-off from the regular house-hold activities when resigned to her room, whereas , in the drawing room, she could be a part of all the mad-rush happening around her. Also, she gets to watch some television, though she’s not a fan of it (seriously, I doubt if anyone in my family is keen on watching TV 😐 )

9) I made inquiries for driving classes. Yes, I’m finally planning on learning to drive a four-wheeler. Then I can happily bid the BF goodbye  and drive into the sunset 😀 . Will be joining from next week. Hopefully, most of the classes will be covered in the MIL’s Diwali break. I hope I learn quickly and don’t dash into anyone 😐

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Thursday Moods

Funny day of the week, isn’t it?

I mean, you don’t have the early-week blues, are just settling into the comfort of work and there is still time for the weekend. I think Thursday is the most productive day of the week. I like Thursdays. But that’s just me. You are entitled to your opinions about the same 🙂

Today is a surprisingly complex day. My mood flits so many ways that I don’t know whom to blame (or whether the mood swings deserve blaming in the first place!)

By the way, before I forget, let me jot down all the stuff happening around me which makes me morose and happy at the same time!

1) Its Dussehra today, so Happy Dussehra to you and your families 🙂 . Let Goodness prevail and let evil be banished back to the lava-depths it arises from.

2) RIP Steve. You made an entire generation live in awe of the apple.

3) Half the public at work is on leave. Half the companies in the office complex are shut-down for the day. Does one EVER feel like working on such a day?

4) Had a minor tiff with the MIL this morning. I thought it was sorted out by the time I left, alas the MIL took it more seriously than I’d anticipated. I did call and apologise, though I’m still not certain, for what! But like the BF says, ‘ saying sorry doesn’t drill holes through your skin’, so yeah, if it makes her feel better, I guess I’ll feel better too (in the long run, I guess 😀 )

5) There is loads to do at work and also , some extra work in preparation of client visit next week. Lets just say, the extra work is consuming more time than I’d like to dedicate to it. My gym-timings suffer in the meanwhile 😦  (yeah, after that first yoga session, I haven’t stepped into the gym yet, though I carry the bag with me everyday). Not a great start I say 😦

6) Friends at work brought loads of sweets and home-made goodies! Who could resist?! Like I say, the UNIVERSE conspires against me 😦

7) Its pouring outside right now…a lovely hard-core downpour, with trees swaying in the wind and the air cooler by a few degrees. Hope it doesn’t carry on till late evening. I dumped my raincoat in the cupboard just last evening (and all these days, it was just gathering dust in my bike’s storage 😦 ) . Also, I wore pristine white to work today 😐

8) Its a beautiful day today 🙂 . The whole city seems to be washed with the brightness of the marigold….from cheery, sunny yellow to deep tangerine , the flowers abound everywhere you turn your head, on buildings, on cars, bikes, flats, shops, everywhere 🙂 . Gladdens the heart wonderfully 🙂

With so much happening in a day, how does one define how one feels?

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Wordless Wednesday

“Lui, Shobs!! What are you doing in there??”

“Just chilling out mom!! ”

"the cool air tickles me just right"

"Hey Mom, d'ya mind if I settle in here for the night?"

And that’s why you must never plan on cleaning your refrigerator, on a hot day, when the kids are home!

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Hello Hello Hello.


It’s a wonderful morning and I’m feeling chirpy today. But that’s just my mood. My hands and legs are a different story altogether. For the record, I have, hold your breath, commenced with my workouts from yesterday. Yes, folks, I’m now an official gym-go-er (I made that word up. You can tell 😀 ) . Equipped with some new tracks, a shirt borrowed from the BF (egads!! His T-shirt fit me!! *WAIL* ) and my forgotten Reeboks dug out from the dungeons they were resigned to, I headed to the gym last evening. Ten minutes on the treadmill later, I called myself fit enough to start the yoga class. Yes, I was fool, realized it 5 minutes into the session. But it was too late to back out. My pride was at stake! So doing the Surya Namaskar a thousand times later, as I collapsed on the floor, the instructor took pity on me and allowed me to bunk the Shirshasan (head-stand). I’m thoroughly grateful to her, right up to my creaking knuckles and buckling wrist! An hour later, when I finally crawled out of the gym and slithered to my bike, I realized with a jolt that I had to ride back home. Mustering up courage (with a few pleading prayers to the Almighty) I hopped on sped away. Once home, it took me a minute to put my bike on main-stand. Disconcerting it was. Also disconcerting was the look a neighbour’s kid gave me as  I wobbled my way up (see, even in pain, I refused to use the lift! When I get serious about working-out, I get VERY, VERY serious!  😐 ). Once home, the twins, bless their little souls, were the epitome of love and concern and threw tantrums which lasted only till 12 in the night. We slept early yesterday .

Surprisingly, though I imagined myself to be all stiff and sore in the morning, I wasn’t. In fact, apart from slight stiffness in the back I’m feeling rather peppy. Must be all that blood rushing all over the body 🙂 . Exercising’s good for the mood, I guess!

Anyhow, I had a great weekend this time too (thanks to the art of Zen and self-taught-lessons on Happiness Unlimited 😀 ). Though I didn’t get to go anywhere, it was fun to spend time with the twins. I’ll just quickly wrap up the weekend updates in this post.

1) We had submitted documents for the twin’s passport in the passport office around 3 months back. Two kids, twins, same date, same parents. Yet, for some unknown reason, Lui’s passport gets processed and delivered at our place and Shobby’s papers are still awaiting verification. The authorities are not convinced that he’s our son, then one day, they aren’t sure if I am the mother, another day, they doubt the BF’s credentials. This Saturday, I had to visit the clinic where the twins were born and get a letter from my doctor, on her letterhead, claiming that the twins were indeed my children! And my son was indeed my flesh and blood, irrespective of my maiden name. I’ve been trying real hard to hang on to my name, but the government officials in Maharashtra insist that  a married woman MUST have her husband’s name for identification proof. Apparently, they don’t trust their own marriage certificates! The BF’s been running from pillar to post, trying his best to sort out the issues and sometimes, he wonders aloud why I just don’t change my name to make matters easier! I refuse to. Because there is no government rule that I must. But the invisible rule of the land decrees that I should ! It is ridiculous, I know, we’ve been fighting it and don’t seem to be winning any time soon 😦

2) Saturday evening was special, because a wonderful friend from my company (and a loyal blog reader, Sheets) dropped by for a visit. It was SO wonderful to have her with me….we started chatting and time just flew. I wish she could have stayed longer….there was still so much to say and share . Thanks Sheets 🙂 . The pudding you made was yummy 😀 ( And please don’t mind the dismal state of my room. I was foolish enough to give Lui an old mehendi cone which she then proceeded to generously slather over the walls and the bed. )

She also brought gifts for the twins, a pack of various blocks which could be fashioned into toys. Needless to say, me and the BF were pretty occupied throughout the night :D. And oh, for starters, I made the simplest toy possible, a dining table and chairs. Lui was very excited to see the chair and playfully suggested that she wanted to sit on it. Shobs, on hearing this, came running across the room yelling, “Lui…..aap woh chair par nahin baitho. aapka bum bahut bada hai”. In splits we were 😀 !

3) Sunday was a breeze, house-hold work, cooking (where I made some amazing kofta-curry and surprised myself !) and relaxing . SIL visited us in the evening, but couldn’t stay long as her younger son was suffering from a sore throat and was getting irritable by the minute 😦 . I quickly rustled up some fish-curry for her to take back home. Later that night, at dinner, I found out that I’d missed out on the salt 😐 !

4) Monday was an official off but I had some pending work to wrap up, so I came in by 11 AM. There were other team mates who had turned up too, but they came early and left early. I was the last to come in and it was pain, I tell you. The office does not have air-conditioning on weekends. So suffering the heat, I did the best I could and wrapped up by 1 pm. Made a quick visit to Big Bazaar (yes, I still look out for that boy, who is yet again absconding), bought a pair of jeans for Shobs (who finally, finally outgrew his first pair *sending prayers of gratitude to the One above* ) , a top for Lui and a towel for the FIL. Also bought a couple of CDs of nursery rhymes which the kids L-O-V-E to watch on my laptop. They are even decent enough to click only on the left-click button to go next (as I’ve instructed them to 🙂 ).

5) Visited Aapa. There is one benefit of having an elder sister in town. You get to eat a wholesome, hot meal prepared with love by someone other than you 😀 . I stuffed myself silly, and then proceeded to settle down for a siesta on the divan and asked her to wake me up by 5:30pm. She was kind enough to do just that along with a cup of hot tea and slices of cake.

Elder sisters, I tell you……they take care of everything 🙂

6) Went to the gym for my first session (as explained above).

In all, I had a great weekend. I’ve finally made some concrete moves in the weight-reduction department and am raring to go full steam ahead. My target is to shed at least 3-4kgs by 4th Dec.It is a small, very small target, I know….but then, these initial kilos are the only thing I’ll be able to lose. The weight-plateau after that will take much longer to crack.

Before I forget, we got the twin’s report on Friday. We looked on in shock, horror and disbelief.



Always Cheerful!

Listens to Instructions!!

We at home, are still in denial. Me and the BF refuse to belive that the report cards belong to the twins! For once, we find it difficult to relate to even a single characteristic observed in school! Obviously, the teachers out there haven’t encountered Lui’s brash refusal to any request and Shobby’s bossy “nahin karunga” attitude. They haven’t heard the twins yelling late into the night or throwing tantrums because, “ussne mujhe dekha”! I sincerely wish the school agrees to keep the kids there for more than the current 3 hrs. Or let the teachers come here and stay with us. Either we’ll see an improvement in the twin’s behavior, OR the teacher’s will see the true side of the kids.

Whichever way, truth shall prevail 🙂


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