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I have twins who don’t really understand that not all kids have siblings and that too, of the same age. So they are surprised if they cant see a baby boy along with a baby girl when we visit friends. The two are so used to each other, that even though I try and prevent fights between the two, they invite each other for the same. Sample case – They both fight over who will add a spoon of Protinex mix to the GMIL’s milk. I usually give the granny milk when the two aren’t around…but when they really fight it out, I rush to get two spoons, fill them both half-way and then ask each of them to add it to the cup.

Painful procedure this 😐

Anyhow, so one day, while Shobs was busy with his father inΒ  the bedroom, I sneaked in some milk for the GMIL. Lui saw me and asked me whom the milk was for. I said it was for Big-dadi. So what does little Lui do? She goes running to the bedroom yelling, “Shobby, Shobby….chalo….big-Dadi ke milk mein powder dalenge”. So Shobby promptly dashes out of the room, runs up to GMIL’s bed and then the two fight over who will add the powder :roll:.

But there are other times, when they genuinely tend to each other.

One such instance happened last Sunday.

So last Sunday, while I was busy running around doing my regular cleaning tasks, the kids decided to give me some respite and headed to the room for some play time.

(Suspicious behavior, or so I thought on hindsight. but then, thats the problem with hind-sight….it hits you only after the deed is done 😐 )

Anyhow, as I was busy in the kitchen, I realized with a jolt that they were rather quiet. Too quiet in fact. Very unlike them…….so with goosebumps crawling up my spine, I sneaked up to the room and peaked inside…….and let out a sigh of relief.

For my two little munchkins weren’t really devising plans on making me grey early. They were busy painting their nails with a bright orange sketch pen!

I looked on in wonder as Lui, the picture of concentration, bent her head and meticulously painter her brother’s nails! And this is the same girl who had trouble colouring within the lines 😐
Check out her nails…..she did that herself!!

Once she was done with all of Shobby’s ten fingers, she showed him the pinky-white nails of her right hand. “Shobby bhaiya…..mere haath mein polish nahin hai”, she mewled. “Aao, mai lagata” , says little Shobs and proceeds to colour his sister’s right hand’s nails.

So engrossed were the two with this little activity that they paid no heed to an eager-as-a-beaver mother who went click-happy with her cell-phone to preserve the image of her children indulging in some team work πŸ˜€

I think the BEST part about having twins is that they never lack company. Whether it is to fight with or play with or shout at or tattle about, they always have each other.

(The only drawback being that sometimes I feel left out 😦 )

But, it is more than reassuring to know that they are there for each other πŸ™‚

About the nailpolish….well, I did try washing it off (to much objection and screams of protest) because I’d read that the ink is poisonous and frankly, I’m not always around to check when they put their fingers in their mouths. I wasn’t very successful with the washing, the ink seemed rather stubborn. By Monday evening, it became rather faint and was almost gone.

Last evening, they coloured it purple 😐 . Yes, Shobs included.

Sometimes, twins are simply that – twice the trouble 😦

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