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I’ve been away for some time now. Not because I didn’t have the time, but more because even when I did, the fingers just wouldn’t cooperate enough to jot down what the mind rambles. The twin’s birthday went by, I couldn’t do a post. A lot is happening on the project release front, I couldn’t speak about it. The children are getting smarter and sneakier by the day, but I wouldn’t mention it. Every morning, I would open my blog and just stare at it, wondering what to write. I had loads of things to write about,  but the inclination just left me. It is not writer’s block, for I’m no writer and I’m NEVER short of stuff to write about.

The truth is that my heart just wasn’t in it.

Things have not been so rosy at home…..we are all getting through each day, the routine at once boring and yet comforting.
After the fiasco with the BIL’s prospective bride visit, things have been going downhill ever since. The BF fell ill seriously and then it was Lui. MIL and FIL had intermittent bouts of ill-health. The only bright spot was the twin’s birthday (which was a modest success) and GMIL’s extremely wonderful recovery. She has shunned the bedpan and made every visit to the bathroom herself.
But that was before she heard about he demise of her favourite nephew. The FIL’s elder cousin brother expired suddenly, leaving granny sobbing over her pillow all night….only to suffer a clot in the brain and a stroke the next day. All her positive recovery went down the drain when she ended up without the ability to speak or move, her right side getting partially paralyzed. Her tongue cannot move and she can make only make guttural sounds of pain.

The first few days were spent in iviting a plethora of doctors to visit her at home, reason being, her fractured left leg is still oozing fluids, and any mishandling in moving her could have had severe repercussions. It doesn’t help that she is herself in no state to tell us about her discomfort 😦
We had to take turns initially, to stay by her side and tend to her. Thankfully, the nursing bureaus sent by Pallu helped and we now have a nurse to attend to granny during the day. The MIL tends to granny throughout the night and morning while I try to run the house 😀 (notice the emphasis on ‘try’). The men are cooperating for once (Alhamdulillah) and are not finicky about what comes on their plate in the name of meals 🙂 . The twins are getting bossy and boisterous and bringing me within a hair’s width of thrashing them to tears. Thankfully, I’ve been able to control myself (and them) to a certain extent !
To top it all, I haven’t heard a thing about my project release, work-load at office is at its peak and a part of me wants to just dump everything and everyone and run off to Bangalore, where my parents are. BUT….rather than welcoming me with open arms, the parents are most likely to bundle me back to Pune with stern admonitions about shirking responsibility 😦 . So yeah, I dropped that line of thought ages back!
Anyhow, the reason I did this post was because a LOT of people got concerned and mailed/messaged/called me.
To all of you, I beg forgiveness, even as I marvel at the amount of concern shown by you all. In this vast world of web, I didn’t realize my absence would even be noticed, let alone, generate worry. I’m humbled. Thank you all for your kind wishes . Tai, Srihari, Mukund, Seema, AA_Mom, Pallu, G, Unmana, you’ve all made me feel loved and I feel myself filling up with crazy happiness 🙂 . Thanks to you all once again 🙂

As for GMIL, I started her on a nerve-activation therapy by my family doctor. The FIL was initially skeptical, but 10 days down the line, granny can move her right wrist and shoulder once again. It is an improvement, however slight, and we all see hope. GMIL is a gutsy woman and I know she will cross this bridge too. Its her will-power alone that has brought her this far. The doctor has assured us complete recovery in a month’s time, without any kind of medication, and we believe him. He’s a good man and slowly but steadily, everyone at home looks forward to his visit in the evening. Things look stable for now, if not better.

Thats all from my side folks. I’ve been away for long and I have a LOT to catch up on. Give me this weekend…let me see what you all have been up to 🙂
Till then,

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