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The Night Light

Imagine this , you are sleeping, or trying to sleep. Someone peels back your eye-lids and shines a torch on your face. How would you feel? Would your retina scream in pain as the light rays hit it bang-on?! Would you scramble and fight to shut your eyes? Would you drag a pillow over your face to block out the light?
Probably, yes.
I would do the same too. That is, if my eyes weren’t already closed 😐

Problem is, I’m awfully sensitive to light. I cannot sleep unless it is pitch dark. And even then, I wake up if the neighbor in the next building switches on the light in the room facing my bedroom. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using a cotton dupatta to wrap tightly around my eyes. I’ve never used night-lights and now, even the kids cant sleep unless its dark all around. This has been going around for as long as I can remember. So imagine my surprise when a couple of nights back, I switched off the lights in my bedroom.
“SWITCH IT ON”, boomed the BF.
“Huh?”!, I stuttered.
“SWITCH THE DAMN LIGHTS ON!!”, he yelled for added measure.
I flung myself at the switchboard and pressed the button. When I turned around, there sat the BF, cross-legged on the bed, punching his pillow for all he was worth.
“What happened?”, I quivered.
“I JUST CANT take this darkness anymore”, he said, shaking his head in his typical Taurean bullish way (warning signal, if you ask me). “I HATE the darkness. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT”.
“Ummm….really??”, I blinked hard, trying my best to recollect if he’d ever shown his dislike for the darkness ever before.
“Yes!! And you never noticed”
*Gulp* . I’m surely guilty of that, me thought.
“Tomorrow I’ll buy a night light and for God’s sake, PLEASE DON’T SHUT IT OFF”.
“Sure…whatever your heart desires m’lord”, says I.
So the next day as I get the kids ready for bed, the BF asks me to switch on the night light. Mildly amused, I do his bidding. To stand back in shock as my room is flooded with an eerie orange-red glow in which my husband and kids look no better than ghouls.
“Err….couldn’t you get any other colour?” I croaked.
“Why? Whats wrong with this?”, he quipped.
“Nothing”, I was clearer now, “Its just that this room looks like the Chandini bar and you look like chandni”.
“WHA-?!”, yelled the BF before hurling a pillow at me.
Me, I took flight like a wise woman would.

But then coming back to the light – the twins hate it more than I do 😀 . They yell at the BF to turn it off, preferring the darkness over the red-ness 🙂 . The BF is a stubborn bull and will not bow down so soon. I’ve asked him to change the colour of the bulb at least. A cool blue or light yellow would do just fine, thank you.
As for me, I’ll simply have to staple the eye-lids together each night. First I sacrifise the fan and now this!! 😐 . The woes of a married woman, I tell you, they never end 😐

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