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Toothy Matters

This post isn’t about the twins. Its about their momma….and her teeth-troubles.

(The kids are fine by the way, chewing away with their 20 teeth each, bless those little pearlies ! )

Somewhere towards the end of last month, I realized that

1) my teeth seemed more sensitive than usual

2) they looked an unhealthy shade of white (err….off-white, 😳 )

This kind of flummoxed me, since I’m the person who stocks up on everything from toothpastes to brushes to flosses to mouthwash, the works actually. So why oh why do I have to hold a hand in front of my mouth while laughing I ask you!! (No, don’t bother answering that).

Action had to be taken, and pronto! So I hunted a bit on SnapDeal, found a dental surgeon near my place and went in for some serious consultation.

Here’s the reportΒ  :-

Total number of teeth faulty : 9

Extractions required : 2

Root canal : 1

Filling : 6

But the worst part was this : I’ve gnashed my teeth so hard in my sleep that the enamel coating has worn off!! Apparently, this erosion takes a long time to occur and it seems, I’m severely stressed out and have a tendency to clench my jaws real hard. Finally, I got an answer on why I have a stiff jaw every morning and also, why I dream of my teeth falling off. AND, the yellowing is because, the white enamel wore off to expose the yellow dentin layer underneath (Whew! I thought he was going to blame the tea :D)Β  .

Doc also said that dreams of falling teeth are indicative of severe worries and stress. Hmmm….and to think my BIGGEST worry was to save those same darn teeth πŸ‘Ώ

Needless to say, I’ve stopped grinning since 😐

“Would you consider removing the entire set and giving me some new implants??” , I inquired politely, looking at the posters of women with purrrfect teeth .

“Sure, it’ll just cost you an arm and a leg, your apartment and all your savings for your children’s future.Β  When shall we book the first appointment? “, replied back the good doc.


“Err….ummm….leave it. I think I’ll make do with the current ‘God’s implants’ for a little longer. Heh heh? “,I joked. He didn’t smile. Must be hiding his teeth!

Anyhow, fact of the matter is that, I got one tooth drilled and filled. The doc’s suspicious that the decay could be deeper than what it currently appears to be. So the tooth is full of stuff that’s generally used for kids. In other words, my tooth is under observation.

Two more teeth got a little filled, or rather, coated with the same composite stuff. It would have solved the problem really, but since my jaws don’t rest all that naturally on each other, my face looks a little crooked, if you know what I mean!

A little scaling, a little polishing, loads of instructions on oral care, a handful of pamphlets later, I walked out feeling like a new woman. A woman, who’s MUCH older than me. A woman, who’s advised to stay off biting into hard things (good bye ice-cubes….it was lovely to bite into your crunchy blandness all these years!). A woman who’s been asked to stay off tea 😯 and coffee *gasp*

How will I survive??

(No, don’t bother answering that either!)

I still have to do that root canal and those extractions (of the wisdom teeth), something that I’m putting off for now….not too keen on it actually…but what has to be done, has to be done! If not now, I’ll suffer worse later on 😦

(Wisdom comes while sitting with your mouth agape, I guess . With cheek pads and cotton rolls stuffed in the most unlikely places).

2012, you’re turning into quiet a pain, you know!

And the year has just started 😐

Hope you all are having it better. No? No??

Tell me about it πŸ™‚

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