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I’ve been posting about the twin’s antics for a long time now. If you go through the posts related to them, there’s only one thing constant – their changing behavior. At times Lui becomes a recluse and Shobs is boisterous and suddenly, the very next month, they swap their personalities. It is kind of unnerving you know, because here I tell their teacher that my child is like this and she says, No no, your other child is like this! Major confusion there πŸ™„ !!

Anyhow, post turning three, I’ve seen some really good changes in the twins. They cry less (very less)Β  and do not wake up in the middle of the night πŸ˜€ (God alone knows how proud I’m of them right now πŸ˜€ ). They stand up for what they think is right, never mind if it isn’t. They are persuasive, gentle, caring and stubborn. At times, they are hot-headed, arrogant and whiny, but then, they cant be angels all the time, can they?! A little bit of devil plays up now and then πŸ™‚

Presently, Lui, the wicked , has devised a new way of getting out of trouble. If I scold her for some misdemeanor, the little imp turns around to kiss me silly, making me dissolve into hopeless giggles!! How can one be angry under such an avalanche of pure love?!

Scold Shobby for the same and he defiantly defends himself, looking us straight in the eye, even though his own eyes are brimming with tears and his lips are quivering! He will repeat that he was right and we are wrong to scold him. Quite brave if you ask me, because I look like a dragon when angry…..if he’s able to stand up to me, it must be a mean feat πŸ™‚

Lui has a baby-doll which is disintegrating rapidly. But she refuses to look at any other doll. Rather, she expects her mother to stitch up her ‘baby’ every time a limb falls off (a very disturbing task, this) . “Pleeeeeesh”, she whines, with scrunched up eyes and a pretty pout and momma hops out of the bed in search of that darn needle!

On the other hand, Shobs has now decided that his mom is his baby. You have to see the way he cups my face in his little palms and coos, ‘bayyyybeeeeee’ πŸ™‚ !! Yeah, I die of chokingΒ  each time πŸ˜€ .

But the best thing that I’ve noticed lately, is the gentle maturity they show towards their Big-dadi. No more do they whine that “big-dadi baat nahin karte” or “big-dadi chocolate nahin dete”. On the contrary, they yell at us if we raise our voice even a little bit in front of GMIL. For example, granny’s fracture wounds still haven’t healed. And she has a tendency to keep scratching at it, making the stitches open further. Definitely a cause of worry. So we chide the granny if she’s found scratching away. If this happens in Lui’s presence, then the girl yells at us to NOT yell at dadi 😐 . The little warrior plants herself in front of the granny’s bed, spreads her arms wide and threatens, “koi bhi dadi ke paas nahin ayega” and then turns to the GMIL and in a cool, gentle voice says, “big-dadi, aap khujao”. What brings tears then, is not the fact that the little tyke is defending her big-dadi’s right to scratch, but the fact that the big-dadi has no realization of the same, that she is too detached to notice this shower of love 😦 .

The same goes for Shobs, who, before leaving for school, scrambles onto the GMIL’s bed, plants kisses on her withered face and gently strokes her head and cheeks. He doesn’t talk or say anything. The two look at each other mutely. God alone knows if he’s able to reach her.Β  I’d like to think that he does. It is a surprise that this otherwise boisterous monkey has this gentleness in him.

A few backs, a friend mentioned that children generally stay away from bed-ridden invalids. I’m SO glad to say that it is not the case in my house. The twins LOVE their big-dadi to bits and it shows πŸ™‚

Sometimes, I feel this huge pang, mind you, that my kids have grown up rather fast!Β  I wanted it to happen and yet I’m not happy that it did. I miss their babyhood, those toothless grins and those missing necks.Β  I now feel unprepared for their temper tantrums or their mushy outpourings of love. It helps that they are unpredictable. But then again, it scares the hell out of me too 😐 . The only thing that I’m thankful for, till today, is the fact that the terrible-two never troubled me at the same time πŸ˜€ . They took turns, sure, but never did they holler or stomped their foot in unison (Alhamdulillah)!

I still have some sanity left. And a lot of years to go.


Its a tough ride ahead  😐

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