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You know you’ve lost your mojo when –

— your daughter compares herself (and her brother) to two little glasses of water, her father to a bigger glass and her mother to a tumbler (lota).In her words, “mummy biiiig hai na“.

— two huge wedges of black-forest cake with cherries sit in your refrigerator for a week because no one else at home is interested and you realize that black-forests don’t tempt you any more.

— your kids insist that their father should not call you ‘babes’ because you are now ‘mummy’.

— you insist on playing ‘house’ with the kids instead of piggy-back rides because piggy-backs tire you out.

— you haven’t used a lipstick in a month and cannot be bothered to either.

— you see that your hair-line just went back an inch while you were sleeping.

— your wardrobe has less of red, pink and yellow and more of browns,blacks and grays.

— you can’t be bothered to make that trip to the salon because frankly, who notices you anymore? Not the hubby, surely (his words, not mine).

— you borrow a book from the library and return it after a month,unread, and don’t feel guilty about it (maybe just a little, not much 😀 )

— you finally get the dress back from the tailor and realize that your waist expanded in the duration it took him to stitch it.

— your regular wear shoes suddenly give you an ache in the back of your feet. And knees.

— John Abraham shoots for a commercial right outside your office building and you have zero urge to go out and see him.

— you now sleep on the bunk bed which you originally brought for your kids.

….and your count stops at unlucky 13 😦 !!

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