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It would seem to you all that I’ve been ignoring my blog. Well….it isn’t the truth and it isn’t too far from the truth either. Fact is, I’m moving back to my parent company shortly. This month end would be my last working day at the client side.

Even as I prepare to leave (prepare the documents to hand over, train new joinees and also complete the project tasks ) I cant help but regret that I leave behind some of the most wonderful people, who I can safely say, are excellent friends. I’ll miss them sorely, the only consolation being, I do have a few good friends back home and I know I wont be lonely at lunch hours in my office.

The last month was a whirlwind of work, both at home and in office. Since I’m leaving , I haven’t bothered to load any snaps of the twins on the computer here. There is so much to say, so many updates to post, but I lack the time (rap on the knuckles for that one, as Dad would say!) to sit down and hit that publish button. Life at home is no better, we’re struggling with severe maid-issues, what with all of them coming from troubled families and begging us to let them stay on and yet, not putting an iota of effort in reporting to work on time! That’s one long sentence and though I really feel I must shorten it, I wont. I’m too busy babbling right now 😀

I think next week will be better. Frankly, I’ve been so caught up with work lately, that the thought of being work-less even for a short while, gives me the goosebumps. I need to apply for interviews for other projects, clear them and then get assigned to a decent project (praying for a project that allows me to leave by 6:30 pm. *fingers crossed* ).

The other side of me wants to just quit my job, pack a bag and hop onto the first train that comes my way. But that’s just the escapist in me talking! The BF wisely says that go where I might, our current issues won’t leave us. The kids wouldn’t become less peskier, the prices will  still rice and I’ll still get my pimples. So its better to stay here face them head-on.

Right now, I’m feeling a little low that I’m leaving behind the comforting routine of the last 2.5 years. But maybe, this is exactly what I need to do. Break the routine. Change the track. Swim in a different lane…..you know, do something different. Do anything different. Though it isn’t a wise decision financially, I stand to lose a cool 10 grand per month as client side incentives, but somehow, the money isn’t a draw anymore.  I want more, but I don’t know exactly what I want.  I know I’m not making sense, but I think just putting my thoughts down here will give me some idea as to what I really want. I think I’m getting there, but the image is still blurry. Oh well, can’t expect life to be served on a silver platter with roses and strawberries decorating the sides.

As for the blog, it is a witness to the good times and the bad times of the last 2.5 years (ironically, I started blogging the same time I started working at the client side). Once I get back to my company, I hope to continue the trend of updating my blog each day. Weekends are uncertain, because the twins insist that if the laptop is switched on, then the only thing that must play on it are either the rhymes or the Barney series 😐

I hope these last few days are fruitful and I don’t get into verbal duels with my team mates ( who are really some of the best people ever!! I’ll miss them like hell and though I say it here, I would never confess it to them 😀 ). My post will be either this weekend, or next week (InshaAllah). I still have to unscramble a lot of thoughts floating in my head in the meanwhile. Till then people, have a wonderful week-end ahead 🙂

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