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I Bid My Farewell

So finally after 2.5 years, I bid my final farewell to the client side where I was working.

Frankly, I’m not upset as I believed I would be. I do have a twinge of guilt at leaving behind some excellent friends and some really awesome colleagues. But it was time for me to start looking out for myself rather than for the clients or for my company. I know I’ve done some good work here, but I believe I can do better. Unfortunately, that option wasn’t available here.

Though I started drafting my goodbye mail a couple of weeks back, I still couldn’t complete it on time.There were so many people to thank, so many goodbyes to say, that I ran out of words šŸ˜¦ .

Tomorrow, I report to my old company. I’ll see the familiar faces and the familiar places. I’ll have coffee and lunch with people I used to around 3 years back. And I know that all the time I would be busy reminiscingĀ about the lovely friends I’ve left behindĀ šŸ˜¦ . Sometimes, I wonder why I can’tĀ  be professional and think about them as colleagues I’ve met on the path of my career. Why get so attached that I miss them more than the work that I did?!

No answers expected. I think I know! Its notĀ me. Its them. They are wonderful people, thats why I miss them!

Tomorrow’s another day. Rather, its only a few hours away. Its 2:30 AM and I cant sleep. Not sure if it is because I left the clients or because I have a project interview tomorrow!! Whatever the case, I’m missing out on sleep…..I doubt tomorrow will go along fine as I expect it to šŸ˜¦

I guess I’m rambling here…must be the tired mind. I better log off then. G’night folks….see ya all soon….later,

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