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Confronting The Nemesis

Dear Nemesis,

Coming back here was hard. I knew I’d bump into you one day or the other and when that happened, I knew that all the bitterness and hurt of those past years would come rushing back. I’d feel like the little new-comer once again and you would be your same arrogant self. Its been ages since I last parted ways from you and thankfully, God was gracious enough to keep you away from me. But now, I see no escape but to meet you. To confront you with a  …….smile. To forgive you the hurt that you caused, which I’m sure you are still unaware of.

From all the bad treatment you meted out to me, I learnt exactly what not to do when I started mentoring freshers. The experience has been wonderful so far. Whenever I leave a place, its the young ones who come up to me and plead with me to stay back. I’ve been bestowed with titles of ‘Best Mentor EVER’ to ‘best guide’, ‘best senior’ and the like.

And you know what? I’m on cloud nine. Because , after suffering the worst fate with you, I did not eventually turn into you. I’ve made my place in people’s heart, if not on the corporate ladder (You are most welcome to stay up there. If getting promoted means joining you, I’d rather not. Pretty happy where I am right now 🙂 ) . Of all the things I need to do now, is to meet you upfront. You’ve been avoiding me since the time you saw me here. Its okay. Its mutual. But don’t be surprised when I make that move. This is one bridge I do want to burn after I’ve crossed it. I’ve carried this pain long enough. I don’t want to give you the benefit of it any longer. You are not that important anymore 🙂 .

But yes, I do thank you, because you’ve contributed immensely towards me being the person that I am today. Because I am something to others which you never were – kind!

See you around. Cheers!!



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