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God knows that I have two really pretty kids.

But my children are going to have a really tough time believing that as they grow older! I mean, I know of parents at work who take their kids out for photo-shoots, you know, the complete works with a professional photographer, umbrellas and lighting. The kids dress up in pretty outfits and pose for snaps. The albums, when they come out, are glossy, the kids are cherubic and the parents (if they feature on the album) have the biggest smiles ever.

Not so for us. For our kids are bestowed with a father who has very little skills with taking photographs and even lesser, seeing them. They have an uncle who rarely takes a snap that isn’t blurred to perfection! I mean, he makes sure that its impossible to figure out whose snap it is πŸ˜€ . Thirdly, they have an over-enthusiastic mom who LOVES taking snaps and is so damn hyper that her end-results leave much to imagination. *Sigh* Sorry kids. We leave you with really bad memories of yourselves, not that we aren’t trying toΒ  improve……but maybe, just because we try too much to improve . Makes, sense? No? Never mind.

Anyhow, I took a few snaps of the kids at a recent party and the results are far from pleasing 😦 .With me fiddling around with the camera settings a thousand times, the kids would get bored and start getting distracted. And I go click, click click nevertheless. The final results look like this :-

the pose-masters

Whiling the time talking to the goat/horse

Shobs is trying to do the 'Yo-Man' act

Summing up the venue

I’m yet to take ONE good snap of my kids 😦 . I don’t want to go to a professional yet…I know my kids wouldn’t cooperate (they never have. Drat it 😐 !). Its up to me to improve I guess. And I’m hoping (really hoping) I get the hang of this thing before my kids fly the coop !

Till then, they gotta make do with some rather embarrassing pics from their childhood.

Awww c’mon sweetie, I’m sure your friends wouldn’t make fun of that pose of your’s. Tell them you were practising for your school’s annual day show . And Shobs darling, seriously, do ANY of your friends have a tongue as big as your’s? I’m sure they’re just jealous. And no darling, don’t ever think of hacking into my account and delete these….I have too many back-ups πŸ˜‰



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