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In Sickness and in Health

No. No. This post isn’t about marriage vows. OR about the BF and me (we like to stay together whatever our given health conditions 🙂 )

This is about the behavioral changes in the twins when they fall ill versus their regular selves . Apologies for going all technical there, but what can I say when I’m faced with the not-so-easy task of tending to two rather feverish kids.

Firstly, the problem with having twins is that everything gets doubled at the same time. Right from your delivery pains to feeding woes to teething troubles to nappy changes. And then they grow older and your woes multiply manifold.

Take for instance, when one falls ill. It is only a matter of hours before the other hits the bed too. And then, we have two whiney, moan-y kids who just keep groaning while the Momma wrings her hands in frustration because she doesn’t know what will relieve them. Doctors are called, hospital visits made and medication administered. In some cases, the illness passes by without too many scars. But in some cases, the fever refuses to plunge, the kids refuse to eat and everyone at home is at their wit’s end. The sole problem at this point is that EVERYONE at home keeps asking you about the status of the kids every few minutes, which practically drives one mad, because , seriously, does one ever take notes as to the latest updates??

Anyhow, last couple of days were bad…in the sense that the twins got some fever and had stuffy noses, which was promptly put down to common cold. Hot soups and broths were administered along with some Vicks massages. Things didn’t improve as I’d earlier surmised. Shobby’s fever got worse, though Lui fared a little better. A trip to the doctor’s yesterday confirmed that Shob’s has infected tonsils (we couldn’t have guessed as he ate his meals properly without a fuss 😐 ) . Lui had a bad cold and cough, but her medication was much simpler. For Shobs, we had to give antibiotics for the infection. He also has to gargle one medication, but since he doesn’t know how to gargle still, I have to satisfy myself with making him rinse his mouth with it.

I took an off yesterday from work, to stay by my kids and tend to them. Not a big feat, by any measure. But boy! Was I in for a surprise or what?!

But first, here’s how my two kids behave when they are well –


Me: Lui, come here and finish your milk.

Lui : NO.

Me : Lui, pick up those newspapers you littered all over the place.

Lui : (glaring at me ) NO. Nahin karoongi, nahin karoongi, nahin karoongi!!


Me : Shobby, come here and finish your milk.

Shobs : (looking mournful). Bas na!! Kitna dudu peeyun??

(and then proceeds to empty the glass in one gulp).

Me : Shobby, pick up those toys from the floor.

Shobs : (picks up all the toys and places them in their rightful place. Then he grins at me) Aapne mujhe daante, lekin mai roya nahin 🙂

So these were the normal days. I guess you have an idea on how my kids usually behave at home.

Surprisingly, their game is totally turned around when they fall ill. Sample this –


Me : Lui, come and have your medicine.

Lui : (gulping down a spoonful) Thank you mummaa… *mmuah mmuuaah mmuuaah*

Me : Lui, come and sleep right now.

Lui : (hopping into bed) Mumma, aap mere oopar blanket dalo please.



Me : Shobby, here’s your medicine.

Shobs : (in the most irritated tone) kitnaaa satate aap mujhe. Mujhe sone do please. Dawai nahin chahiye.

Me : Please betu….

Shobs : Bola na maine. Mujhe sone do. Mera paon(leg) dukh raha hai. Paon dabao.

Me : *sigh* okay (and mumma proceeds to press her ickle-son’s feet. In a minute, she gets up to answer a call on her phone.

Shobs : MUMMMAAA!! IDHAR AAO. Maine bola na, mera paon dabao….phir aap kyun nahin dabate, haan?? Maine bola tha na aapko!!

Me : *Double Sigh* coming betu….(after which she continues doing that for the rest of the night).

Me : (gingerly placing a wet napkin on Shobby’s burning head) Shhh….hold on there. This will make you feel better.

Shobs : (petulantly) yeh kya hai??

Me : Cold napkin betu…aapka fever kam ho jayega.

Shobs : *hmmphh* (closes his eyes and goes to sleep)

A few minutes later, he rolls over a bit, causing the napkin to fall off. The boy hollers his heart out. Momma leaps out of the bed, wondering what went wrong.

Shobs : MUMMAA…yeh napkin nikal gaya…theek se lagao.

Me : Oh yeah.Right. Pronto, my son.

(Momma soaks the napkin in cold water and replaces it on her son’s forehead. Without a word of gratitude, the brat goes off to sleep again. Mumma quietly sidles up to sleep next to him)

Shobs : Mumma, kya kar rahe ho?

Me : Sleeping betu.

Shobs : Aap soyenge to mere paon kaise dabayenge??

Me : Huh 😐 ?!!

Shobs : jaldi se dabao. Mujhe sona hai.

Me : (controlling all the urge to scream back at him) Haan. kyun nahin??

And then I spend the rest of the night doing his Highness’ bidding.

Now tell me folks…..why this turn of character? Why does my usually docile, polite son turn into a tyrant and why does my boisterous, bratty girl turn into an angel?? Does something get messed up in their brains?? Some short-circuit or something?? Them high temperatures burn some nerve-cells or what??

Anyone else experienced the same flip-around behavior with their kids??

(BTW, I’ve been hearing comments on how the children are deprived of mother’s love and attention when said mother is a working woman. Hence these tantrum-like turns. Is it true?? If yes, then thanks to those people for making me feel like s*** 😦 )

For the record, the kids are better now. Though I’m not in favor of anti-biotics, it seems that there are times when only those things work and no home-remedy helps 😦 . The kids are prancing around the house even as I type this and thankfully, with good health, they are back to being their normal selves.

(Which just means that instead of rolling eyes at Shobby, I now get back to rolling eyes at Lui. God help me 😦 )


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