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Last week, I didn’t let the twins go to school. They were down with viral infection and I didn’t want them spreading the germs to other children. Also, Shobs had developed a high fever and was very lethargic.

So after two days of the kid’s absence, one day, their class teacher calls me up. In fact, the lady looking into the administration called me up. Here’s what we spoke about :-

Admin Lady (AL) : Hello, is that Lui’s mother??

Me : Yes, its me.

AL : We are calling up from xyz school. We got the message that the twins are not well.

me : Yes. They’ve got the viral. I won’t be sending them to school this week.

AL : Oh! Thats sad. We miss them already.

Me : Huh? 😐

AL : Wait a minute. The twin’s class teacher wants to talk to you.

(I hear her handing over the phone to the twin’s class teacher)

Class teacher (CT) : Hello, how are the kids now.

Me : They are fine, thank you. Doing better by the day.

CT : I called to say that my class has been really silent since the twins are absent. The other kids are asking for them. The class seems very subdued without Lui and Shobs. They are the liveliest and cheer up the other kids too.

Me : Err…umm…thats great. Thanks 🙂

CT : May I please talk to Lui? If it isn’t too much of a bother!

Me : Sure

(I hand over the phone to Lui, who immediately grabs it to chat with her favourite teacher. A minute later, she hands it back to me)

Me : I’ll send them as soon as they are well.

CT : Please do. I miss them like anything! I can’t concentrate on teaching the class without Lui’s constant chatter!

Me : Huh 😐 . Hmm…okay . thanks for calling. Have a nice day.

(hang up)

So there! People miss my twins at school! Wow! I mean, here I was, wondering that the twins are surely the MOST unsociable people ever and then I get calls on the contrary 😐

Obviously, I’m feeling a wee bit proud and also loads relieved.

Since Lui was better, I took pity on the CT and sent my daughter to school on Friday 🙂

Another incident happened on Sunday.

I was at the hospital near my place, waiting for our turn with the twin’s pediatrician. There was a fish tank in the reception area and Lui-Shobs were engrossed in watching the fishes swim by. Lui, being herself, could not help asking a thousand questions on the fish’s behavior, what they were eating, how they were drinking water, why one was orange and the other black, etc

. She kept on calling me, “Mumma mumma, see BIG fish”, “Mumma mumma, see white fish”!! I stood there, patiently answering her questions and nodding my head in agreement to her observations. It came to a point that a little kid standing besides the twins turned to me and pointing to a fish in the tank, asked, “Mumma, yeh konsa colour hai?”. It was hilarious. The kid’s mother wasn’t impressed, I’m afraid 😀 ! But then, she was too busy playing games on her iphone (Note : No, I’m NOT jealous that she had an i-phone. Though on hindsight, maybe a teeny-tiny bit 😉 ! I was jealous that she could play on her phone without her kid disturbing her even for a second!! )

Anyhow, it was a long wait and the twins kept themselves busy by shaking hands with every other kid in the reception. They generally don’t initiate the greetings themselves, but with a little prodding, they get going.

When our turn finally came, I had to drag the two to the doctor’s chamber. The doc greeted the twins warmly and said,”I’ve been listening to the twins for such a long time….was really waiting for them to come in! If I’m not wrong, they were the only kids chattering non-stop 😀 “. And then she proceeded to do the check-up, chatting with the twins all the time and they replied back to her as though adults, which had her grinning even more 🙂

Thats it. Two instances which described a lot about the improvements in my children’s social behavior. I know now that I can happily leave them in crowds….they will run a distance but always come back to me. That, I can tell you, is a relief, because it means I dont have to run after them both anymore 🙂 . They mix up with other kids just fine and I’m content in that.

BUT, I still don’t think taking them to malls or theatres is a good idea. I’ve been avoiding it till date and frankly, I’m in no particular hurry to do so. Me and the BF catch a movie (if we really want to) on weekend afternoons when the twins are asleep. We are both not too keen on strolling in malls, so I guess thats one reason we never took the kids out to one. We either take them out to a park or just play at home.

Any suggestions to the pros and cons of depriving them these two places??

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