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Short Spurts

(Small snippets of stuff happening around me – and my take on it )

1) I’m work-less. Not job-less, mind you, since I’m still drawing a salary, but work-less, since I still haven’t got a project in hand.

Am I actively looking for one ? No.

Am I talking with different project leads about the openings ? No.

Am I following up on the interviews I’ve already given? No.

Then what exactly am I doing here??

Frankly, I have no clue 😐 . I’m as blank as a new bank account! I have no idea what to do, which isn’t exactly the same as what I want to do! I know what I want, but it isn’t available here. And to hunt it somewhere else would mean taking efforts into getting out of my comfort zone. Which, eventually, I’ll just have to do, but not right now.

What I am doing right now, is reading. Catching up on all those blogs I missed reading at the client side. Reading up recipes, news, opinions. Reading fiction, facts and gossip. Reading books, papers and comics. I’ll probably end up with a number for my eyes, but what the heck!! I’m work-less and I’m using this time to do what I love doing the most πŸ˜€ !

(Totally unprofessional of me, I know….but what to do…the heart must do what the heart sometimes wants to do, right?!)

2) The location given to me at work is a temporary one. Once I get a project (correction, IF I get a project), I’ll be moving to the new location. Till then, my desk remains bare…something I’m unused to 😦 . Every time I look up, I miss my money-plant, those jars of candies and my various colourful mugs. I can get them here, but the effort of moving everything to the new location would be just too much for me 😦 . I’d rather get the new stuff to the final destination πŸ™‚ . And oh, my lockers are empty too…no more packets of biscuits or kurkure reside with me anymore…not that anyone is missing them (since mostly of my friends are so vastly distributed around the office that meeting up requires setting a meeting request 😦 )

3) I read a few novels recently. Samit Basu’s “Turbulence“, which is science fiction meets bollywood meets everything Indian πŸ˜€ . I could barely put it down till it got over and even then , I revisited a few pages just for the witty writing style. Do read it when you get the chance. It is sure to bring a smile onΒ  your face πŸ™‚ .

I also read the first part of the Clifton Chronicles, Only Time Will Tell by Jeffery Archer. Archer’s style is unmistakable, which is both comforting as well as annoying. Annoying because one can actually predict the direction of the narration. But I did like the book over all and I’m looking forward to the next edition which will possibly release this year.

4) Lui and Shobs had ‘Fruit-day’ today at school. Lui is the Pineapple and Shobby is the Orange. Their teachers had given them 2 lines of dialogues each to memorize. Lui learnt hers quick enough, but Shobby refused to oblige. Every time I asked him his dialogue, he would either change the topic or say something else entirely. We tried cajoling him, then bribing, then threatening, but no use! My son simply refuses to mug a line and repeat it verbatim 😦 Apparently, “My name is Orange, I am orange in colour” is too tough for him to remember! Yesterday, I helped the kids make a headgear of leaves of their respective fruits. We used chart-paper, glue, scissors and a stapler of which, the kids were allowed to handle only the sticking part. The head gear ready, I tried a final rehearsal. Lui was pretty kicked about her leafy topi and was all smiles as she spoke her lines. Shobs was tongue-tied! I didn’t scold him this time…just waited till he felt comfortable enough to speak the lines himself.

Now I’m not sure if he really had the stage fright gripping at him, because early this morning, all of a sudden, he started throwing up. He wasn’t feverish, his tummy was fine and yet he couldn’t retain his milk. By 8:30 AM, he was fine, so I gave him a bath and started dressing him up. Thats when he threw up once more and became lethargic. This had me worried…because he was perfectly fine the previous day! “Mumma, mai school nahin jaoonga”, he said feebly. I looked at his new orange shirt and the headgear of leaves he had prepared last evening. With a sigh, I realized I could not send him to school in such a state. So I dressed up Lui in a yellow shirt, dark-brown pants and her green topi . The teacher had asked us to send them dressed in the colour of their fruits…thats the best I could do πŸ™‚ . I dropped Lui in her school van and left for work. Shobs was handed over to the MIL who is on leave today. When I called her up an hour back, she said that Shobs was doing just fine. He was playing around the house !!

Now this has me worried! I know that Shobs wasn’t faking it when he threw up…but it is not a good sign if he is terrified of a ‘performance’ to the extent of being nauseous. He has always been shy in nature but this is a new development that needs addressing.

Any suggestions people??

5) Found this link in today’s Freshly pressed : http://viewsfromthecouch.com/2012/02/12/you-didnt-thank-me-for-punching-you-in-the-fac/

People who have little children, DO read it. For parents of boys and girls alike. We need a better society for our kids and it means correcting the wrongs of today. And better start as soon as possible!


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