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A thorough weekend update post is due and I promise I’ll post it as soon as I get my head off the keyboard.
I’m sleepy as hell (Thanks Lui/Shobs for keeping me awake wayyyy past my bed-time!) and there is a slight possibility of me getting a number for my eyes *shudder*!!
Though I’ve been avoiding it for ages, I’ve realized recently that
a) I’ve been squinting a lot lately and
b) looking at my monitor for more than a couple of minutes, makes me lose focus. The screen looks blurred and I have to do a blink-blink to refocus!

So yes, the eyes have it bad! I guess assuming that gajar ka halwa is just as good for the eyes as raw carrots, doesn’t really hold. Drat it 😐 !! After my failing dentures, this! What else is in store for this middle ages granny, I wonder 😦 !

Anyhow, the icing on the cake is that I got my license. You know what that means?? It means, I GOT MY EFFING LICENSE TO DRIVE AN EFFING FOUR-WHEELER. WHEEEEE!!! 😀
(Now if only someone lends me their car, I’d be most obliged!)

For the record, the BF refuses to sit in the same car as me if I’m driving. Yeah yeah….its this guy’s constant love and support that has brought me so far in life. Thanks BF. Love ya too…like those sores you get on your toes every month. Yeah…exactlylike that!!

And ohh…after Shobs recovered from the throat infection, it was Lui’s turn..and guess what? She lived up to her reputation of being a bratty, irritable kid. Makes me rue that just last week I wrote a post singing her praises. Aah..silly me! One would’ve thought that three years with the twins would have taught me something about them…but naah!! I fail miserably yet again!

Anyhow, I have an appointment with BFS and BFG shortly and out to meet them. Maybe some quality time with good buddies will make me forget the failing eyesight, the sore knees and the wobbly teeth. Hope you all have fun too.

Cheers for the coming week 🙂

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