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This is kind of silly, but I couldn’t help notice the amount of ‘coverage’ given to the Dutt-Patel brouhaha, mostly because one party of this fiasco was guilty of err..umm….not enough coverage and too much cleavage 😀 .Though, frankly, in my opinion, the other party is usually just as guilty 😐 (okay….kidding 🙂 . Some people actually like them cleavages on men!! LOL!!. Okay fine…I’ll drop the topic now 😀 )

From all the news reports, this is what I gathered :-

She came dressed for a party in her ‘signature‘ style.

She is his wife’s best friend.

He thinks of her as his sister.

He rebukes her for her inappropriate dressing sense.

He tries to cover her up.

She retaliated by yelling that he touched her indecently.


Double Whew!!

In happier times....

Now, anyone following HighHeelConfidential or any other gossip columns on the net would know by now that Ms.Patel likes to wear her Sari in a certain manner. Its a style which is very ‘Chameli’ than chic, but then if she likes it that way, who are we to question?! After seeing her for ages dressed in the same manner, her style didn’t rub in as much as before. It was almost like a resigned acceptance of her bad taste (no, no, I’m not being judgemental, just frank 😛 ). I wish I could find that link on Yahoo (or was it MSN?) where there was picture of her, in the same style of Sari, running a hand through her hair (Warning : NSFW). For some unknown reason, that particular snap had the caption, “yeh dhai kilo ka haath” !! I remember it vividly because me and the BF guffawed over it for ages. And then, he started using the same tag line for me, after which it wasn’t funny anymore 😐 . But I digress.

So coming back to the said lady.She was the one to first post snaps of the Dutt’s twins on twitter. She was the one who threw a baby shower before the delivery. She was the one who gushed about “my best friend Manyata”. She was the one who starred opposite Mr.Dutt in “Chatur Singh ** ” just recently. After all the bonhomie, I think Mr. Dutt, like any typical Indian male, would consider Ms.Patel as a close family friend, if not a relative. And if such a friend notices parts of you peeking out where they aren’t supposed to , would you blame him? In fact, the BF had the nasty habit of pointing out such inappropriateness in the dressing styles of BFS or BFC (blame it on his conservative background), though they were a million times more decent. But then, the BF thought he had a right because they were his best friends too and if BFS or BFC minded it, they would immediately reprimand him for the same. All was well within seconds.

Then what went wrong between Mr.Dutt and Ms.Patel ?

Well, in my opinion, however protective he felt towards Ameesha, Mr.Dutt crossed a boundary when he ‘publicly’ tried to correct her outfit. It wasn’t the act itself that was indecent. It was the infringing on her rights as an adult that was unacceptable. For one, how she plans to dress is no one’s prerogative other than herself. Secondly, he did his duty by approaching her and sharing his sentiments about her outfit. He should have left it at that. Going forward to ‘correct’ her attire was a blatant act of infringing on her personal space, and no one, NO ONE should be allowed to do that without one’s permission!! Secondly, isn’t it an hypocritical act on Mr.Dutts part when he accepts her attire in his movie which would be viewed by thousands and objects to the same attire in a private party where only a few hundreds would ogle?!

Though I despise Ms.Patel to the core, I can’t help but feel the shoe-bite when I step into her shoes.

Your opinions, people??

Note : Images sourced from Google images.

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