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After a spurt of ridiculous posts, I went absconding again! (Almost seems like a behavioral pattern , huh?). I mean, I drop by on WordPress, furiously publish posts everyday and one fine day, I do the disappearing act. I’m away for ages….no replying to messages, no pending drafts, nothing!! And each time I come back, I feel guilty. I shouldn’t…because this blog is first and foremost for me than anyone else. But then, for all those people who do drop by and read and sometimes comment, I’m answerable. I need to let them know why there are no new posts when they take the time to come by my blog!

And here’s my answer.

I’m going blind.

No, please dont panic. I’m not going blind as in “doctor sahab, mujhe kuchh dikhayi nahin de raha”, but blind as in ,” Doctor sahab, mujhe aankhen khuli rakhne mein takleef ho rahi hai”.

So, remember me gloating a few posts back about how MUCH I’m enjoying my on-bench period?? Remember me giggling away happily that I spend the entire day catching up on blogs and other internet articles? Remember how happy I was?

Well, no more 😦

For my dear folks, I suffer from the bane of (a majority of) IT Professionals. Dry-Eyes.


Which means, my tear-ducts no longer carry any fluids. My tear-film (that thin little coating over the eyes) is non-existent and chopping a bunch of onions elicits no tears 😦 .

Can my eyes be any more dry?? (almost sound like Chandler there, right? 😀 ) .

Apparently not. But, and this is a very significant ‘but’, if not treated on time, the lens of my eyes will dry up and eventually make me blind as a ding-bat! Imagine if someone threw a fistful of sawdust in your eyes…how would that feel?? Well, I feel like that 24X7 😦

The doctor prescribes, “no driving, no sitting in front of the computer or television for more than half an hour at a time, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep”.

HAH!! (or LOL!! Whatever!!)

This is the proverbial ‘laat’ on the stomach of a ‘gareeb’. The doctor not only suggested that I give up my job and my bike, she almost suggested that I alter my entire lifestyle! Okay, I can drink a couple or more glasses of water, but what was that line about sleep?? The BF more than readily asked me to quit my job and stay home. “To rest”, in his words. I, on the other hand insisted that he buy me a new house with a bedroom where I could get my much missing sleep back. “Here”, he said tossing me a keybunch. “Wow!! that was quick”, I muttered only to realize he’d handed over my bike keys to me. Thats my ever-practical boy. Do ya wonder why I love him so much 😐 ??

On an aside, I refuse to stay at home because I know that if I am, then I’ll be glued to the laptop while the kids are snoozing and that cannot be a good thing. So I report to work, squirt a few drops of the eye-lubricants in them eyes and stare at my monitor impassively. Win -win all.

The only casualty of this current blurring of my eye-sight is that I canot blog as much as I’d like to. I cannot read and comment on other’s blogs. Even as I type this, I’m using up half the little jar of eye-drops 😦

And oh, since every cloud has a silver lining, here’s mine – my eye-sight’s safe. I mean, my ‘vision’ is perfect. No number for reading yet. But I do have to wear those anti-glare spectacles that I’ve ordered last week, all the time. Its going to be a bummer, but OM opines that it might just suit me 😉 .


So long then people. I’ll drop by later. I cant keep away for long, but for my preserving my eye-sight, I’ll just have to. What say?



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