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The papers carried this news in the headlines today :-

Death for cab driver, friend who raped, killed city BPO employee

“….Pronouncing the judgment in a packed courtroom, principal district and sessions judge Anant Badar refused to take a lenient view and held that the crime fell into the “rarest of rare” category. “They (the accused) did not show any sign of remorse after committing the crime. There is no scope for them to get reformed or rehabilitated,” he said.”

I looked at it and smiled. For once, I’m proud to be in Pune. Proud to be in a city that knows how to punish a culprit, unlike Delhi , Gurgaon or Calcutta, where every effort is exerted to put the blame on the victim! The culprits, meanwhile, can go scott free!

These are the words of the judge, Anant Badar –

“…The crime was not committed by the accused in a sudden impulse for sex, but in a predetermined manner to satisfy their hunger for sex,” the judgement read.”While satisfying their lust, Borate forgot the fact that he was married. The motive evinces total depravity and meanness of sex maniacs having a pervert mind.”

Albeit late (since the crime was committed in 2007), it is nevertheless justice served! There were people I knew who knew that girl. It was shocking, despicable. Raping in itself was a heinous crime, but then following it up with murder was another level of devilry. Something like Nayana Pujari’s murder . A woman who was once a part of the BF’s team, a woman he had worked with, a woman whom he knew! For a long time, he was rattled about her murder. His company immediately put in different work timings for women, for their safety. But that doesn’t really serve the purpose. What should have been done is to place stringent checks on the education and qualifications of the cab drivers. I used to travel by company cabs for shifts in my first job. The two drivers we had were the sincerest and most decent men I’ve known. But people like Kokade and Borate give those good drivers a bad name!

But the punishment declared by the Pune must be lauded. It is time to send out the strong message to these rapists that their actions cannot and will not be tolerated!!

For more on victim-blaming and society’s indulgent attitude towards the rapists, visit here.


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