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Hello uncles and aunties ( or Bhaiyyas and didis for the overly sensitive!)

This is Shobby, of the “Lui & Shobbs”  fame (kind of rhymes with ‘Calvin & Hobbs’, no?) .

I was , of course, compelled to take authority of the blog since the mother dear totally lost it. The track I mean, of the blog. She’d lost her mind a long time back…around 3 years back would be my guess. Right Lui??

[Lui : whatever!! Get on, will ya?]

Yup!! Right on! So I took over the blog. Because what was once our place, suddenly turned into this place where mother would just sit and yelp about her eyes, her chores, her bad driving and what not!! I mean, we thought this blog was for us– Lui and Shobs!. But no. She had to go and make it into another agony column of GrihShobha magazine, not that we have anything against GrihShobha, or hindi magazines for that matter. I personally steer clear of such stuff and as for Lui, I doubt she’s the type who would read any magazine. Listening to advise isn’t really her cup of tea. like the time we visited Aunt L . She had this cute little birdie in a cage (an orphan she picked from the road) and had told us clearly NOT to feed it since it already had its fill. But Lui insisted on feeding the poor little bird till it died! I mean, it didn’t really die then, but it did a couple of days after our visit. So I’m sure it was she who was the culprit!

I’m not the type to get into crimes, mind you. I’m the good guy who strolls along smelling the flowers and caressing the leaves. Of course, I learnt that day that cactuses are NOT to be caressed, a painful experience, surely (Thanks for not warning, mom!!), but a lesson learnt nevertheless.

Then there was this time we had gone to the park ( We LOVE the park) . I think I could live there, if mom let us. But she doesnt 😦 . I think she’s got into this habit of refusing us EVERYTHING!! I mean, for instance, if I say I want to live in a tub of cold water all my life, am I being unreasonable? Am I ?? Am I??

But she refuses to listen!

Anyhow, so there we were, at the park. Luckily, we had gone there early and for once, we got the swings to ourselves. Look at Lui, doesn’t she look happy?? I mean like, “OMG-I-got-this-seat-for-real” happy 😀

Though I’m usually more in control of my emotions, I did get carried away myself! I mean, the older kids at the park NEVER let us sit on those swings. But it was a good day that day. We swung around for ages 🙂

In case you haven’t noticed, mom dressed us up in identical colours. Its a bad habit of hers, but what to do?? It was either “wear what I give you” or “sit at home”. The choice, was clear!!

Back at the park, we allowed ourselves to upgrade from the baby slide to the Big-Slide. Mom was of course hopping on her toes, but we had our sights set on the big slide for ages!! I mean, we are grown-ups now, aren’t we?? We are entitled to climb the BS! And that is exactly what we did!! I was my usual careful self and made sure that I gripped the sides of the slide pretty tight. It kind of prevented me from coming down smoothly, but at least mom didn’t suffer a cardiac.

What did give her a cardiac though, was Lui’s attempt at skateboarding down the slide. Thats my sis there, a real gutsy girl if there ever was one (mom calls her careless and a headache). I think she rocks because she does stuff most girls wouldnt dare to. Like burping out loud, at will, as many number of times as you want her to 😀 . Now there, do you know any other 3-year old girl who can do that?? And I can walk across the room with a stone balanced on my head. Steady, that’s what the elders call me. Lui didn’t fare well in that area. She couldn’t walk two steps without dropping the stone :).

See, now that is the stuff that this blog should carry, but mom is so daft, she only writes about herself!!

[Lui : Shobs, how much longer is it gonna take??]

Almost done there, girl.

Then there was this time we attended Baby Simrah’s birthday. Thats our younger cousin who’s as cute as a button! I won’t post her pics here though, since Badi-khala is a tad squeamish about posting snaps online 🙄 . But I’ll let you know that we had a ball. Literally. We were dressed up in our party best (lui in a pretty shimmery blue frock and me in my favourite blue shirt. What did I just tell you about mom dressing us up in similar colours !!). There was Lui, gobbling up the cake, trying her best not to smear the icing on her frock. Must be the dragon looks mom was busy throwing her way.

And then, there was me. All prim and proper, a real gentleman. I mean, I didn’t even smear a lick of that cream on my face, or my hands. The best part, I used a spoon, all on my own!!

I know, I rock 😀 !! Not that it is appreciated in these parts. Mom just cribs all the time about my eating habits. Could someone (ANYONE) please give her a chill-pill??!

And oh, before I forget, last month we had “Parent-Day” at school, where each kid had to get dressed like his/her father/mother. Since we are twins, we were the only ones who dressed as both 😀

Lui was dressed in a shalwar-kameez. Though she hollered her heart out, mom wouldn’t allow her to carry along a dupatta. She made Lui wear a headscarf instead. Kind of cheating you know, ‘coz mom herself doesn’t wear one ( When she should be!!). Lui wasn’t pleased. She cried her heart out. Mom consoled her by letting her take her purse instead. That quieted my sister. Girls i tell you, they fall for anything!!

[Lui : Grrrrr….couldn’t you find a happier snap of me?!!]

Its okay old girl, this is the best snap from that day. You howled yourself out that day and the other snaps look just crazy.

[Lui : *grumble grumble* ]

As for me, I looked dapper in my jeans and T-shirt. I even had my own laptop bag (the stingy coots I call my parents, refused to buy me a real one!!) . I had to remind mom that our Abbu has a moochh. She was quick to draw one on my face. Then I told her that Abbu has a stubble too. She bluntly refused. She hates a stubble, I tell you. The only reason Abbu shaves is because mom threatened to shave his stubble with a meat cleaver if he didn’t do it himself! A wise man, my father shaves at least twice a week.

But my grouse is that mom didn’t give me the stubble. Then I would be so him!!

[Lui : Shobby….mujhe bhook lagi hai!!]

Yeah, I’m done Lui.

So yeah folks, that all from the stables of Lui and Shobs though err.. *cough cough* its mostly me who’s been doing the talking 😐

Lui is the one who’s the chatter box, but she wasnt keen on these snaps and refused to comment on them. Next time, hopefully, she’ll do the posting 🙂

Till then, have a nice time you all 🙂


PS: We refuse to let our mother take credit for this post. Hence there will be no ‘MomofRS’ signature on this post.

Love y’all 🙂

Shobby (of course) & Lui.

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