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It was a moonless night….or maybe the moon hand’nt come out in our parts yet…the kinds when the sky looks its blackest and the stars seem to come alive with a bright new sparkle. The kind of night when a gentle breeze blows from the nearby hillock and for once, the traffic on the road comes to a decline.
And to top it, there is a power cut.
It was one such night last Friday.
It was hot and humid earlier in the day. I didn’t report to work as Shobby was very ill. He had been ill on and off for the last 2-3 weeks, but this time, his fever refused to come down even after administering crocin syrup and cold water sponging.
A visit to his pediatrician and a blood report followed. Post medication, he was considerably better and back to his chipper self by evening. The kids had their dinner in peace (for a change) and since it was too hot inside, we sat out in the balcony, the only place which was cooler by a few degress thanks to the breeze. The BF hadn’t returned from work yet.
The kids had a mild altercation on who would sit on their mom’s lap. This was resolved amicably enough when I asked Shobby to lie down next to me and rest his head on my leg. Lui clambered on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.
We sat like that, in silence for a long while. The twins were mesmerized by the stars, even Lui, the restless one, sat still. I stroked the hair on Shobby’s head….marveling at their thickness, much like his father’s. I could smell the baby powder and the faint sweet smell of baby sweat on Lui. We sat there for ages, the gentle breeze cooling us and the dark night not a scary place full of monsters. Shobby asked if his Big-dadi was a star. Lui replied that she indeed was.
We sat there like that, just absorbing the sights and smells around us.
And in that moment, I realized what ‘inner peace’ means.
It means being content in where you are and with what you have.
It means being immeasurably happy to be with people you love.
It means not depending on flashy and expensive things to have your kids love you back.
It means a few precious moments caught at the end of a hard day.
I’m not sure if the kids will remember this time…..but by writing about it, I hope that one day, when they visit this place, they’ll be reminded of the simple pleasures of  life 🙂


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