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Twin Speak

Its been some time since I posted something on the twins. These past few months, since they completed 3 years of

age, the two of them have us either gaping in horror or gasping in delight at their talk. Though not all of it

makes sense, but when it does, it hits the roof. Literally!!
One of the key conversation points I insist on is respect, the usage of the words “aap” instead of the more common

“tu” or “tum”. From personal experience, I know that when we learn to address elders with respect, it becomes a

habit hard to get rid of. I talk to my friends in a downright impolite manner, but when it comes to elders, the

tone definitely changes.
My kids have not really cottoned on to the concept yet. Though they use “aap” at home and with each other (:roll:

), I usually find them slipping into using “tu” when annoyed or irritable.
Anyhow, since they’ve been talking nineteen to a dozen, its difficult for me to remember all those gems of one-

liners these two have been throwing around. But since memory hasn’t abandoned me yet, posting a few of those

precocious conversations here :-

Lui and Shobby are playing with their crayons.
Shobs : Kya Lui??
Lui : Aap yeh green clayon lo.
Shobs : (looking puzzled) kyun?
Lui : Kyunki aap mujhe bahut achche lagte ho.
Shobs : 😐
Me : 😐

(I’m frolicking on the bed with the twins. Shobs clambers over my shoulder. I playfully turn him upside down).
Shobby : Bachaaaaaao. Bachaaaaaaaao. Arre koi to mujhe bachaaaaao.
Me : 😯 Huh ?? “Bachao” ?? Really Shobs?? Where did you pick that up??
Lui : Kal woh TV mein aunty chilla rahe the na?
Me : 😐
And here I was, content that I was controlling how much TV these two watch!!

I come back home after a tiring day and the twins follow me to the bedroom. Lui holds on to her brother’s hand and

Lui : Mummy, mujhe Shobby ke saath shaadi karna hai.
Me : 😯 …Er…umm….why baby??
Lui : (Cheerfully) Shobby Good boy hai…mujhe achcha lagta hai.
Me : Thats right…lekin woh aapka bhai hai. Bhai ke saath shaadi nahin karte!
Lui : (thinks it over and turns to Shobby) Shobby bhaiyya, aap Devashree didi (neighbor’s kid) ke saath shaadi

Shobs : (happily) Okay. Theek hai!
Me : 🙄

Post dinner, I wrap up work in the kitchen. Shobby is calling out to me from his granny’s room. I decide to scare

him (I know, rotten mom I am!), so I stood still behind the kitchen door. Shobby started hunting for me, calling

out “Mumma…Mummaa…” in each room. Eventually he reached the kitchen, where I hopped out from behind the door

and yelled, “BOOO”.
Shobby stared at me. Hard.
Okay, so he didn’t get scared. One down on the mommy score 😦
But what sucked the air right out of my burst bubble was this line …
Shobby : Mai kitni der se aapko ‘Mumma Mumma’ bula raha tha. Mujhe laga aap phir office chale gaye.
Me : 😐 …. 😦 … No baby….I … I…oh forget it, come here.
And I envelop him in the biggest hug ever……that is, till he squirms and runs away from his bat-shit crazy



One day, Lui wonders out aloud why she didn’t have a moochh (moustache).
Me : Only boys get a moochh dear (I didn’t want to scare the girl with images of hairy upper lips on women, so the

slight diversion from the truth 😀 ). See your dada, Abu, Chachu, they all have a moochh. When Shobby gets older

and bigger, he too will get a moochh.

Shobby : Haan mummy, jab mai aapke jaisa BIIIIG ho jaunga na, tab mujhe muchhi aayegi.
Me : Err…yes.
Shobby : (throwing his arms wide) Jab mai aapke jaise fat-fat, round-round ho jaunga na, tab mujhe muchhi ayegi.
Me : Okay, I got it. Now quit.
Shobby : Nahin mummy…jab mera tummy aapke jaise BIIIIG ho jayega na…tab mujhe muchhi ayegi.
Me : Arre Bas!! Enough of that.
Shobby : (grinning wildly with the naughtiest look in his eyes) Parr mummy, mera bhi jab big-big bum ho jayega

aapke jaisa, tab….
(here I had to clamp my hand over the brat’s mouth)
Clearly, the bugger has picked up his taunting skills from his pater 😦


The BF was grappling with Shobby one morning. Shobby sqeals loud and yells, “Abu, aap mujhe bewajah mat pakdo”.
BF : 😐

I was scolding Shobby for running his crayon on the sofa. Lui immediately comes to her brother’s rescue. With one had on her hip and the other waggling a finger at me, she yells,
“Khabardar kisi ne Shobby ko gussa kiya to. Mera bhai ha na woh!!”

Umm..so yeah. “Bewajah” and “Khabardar” are the words their mom uses often. Just didnt realize that the kids knew where to use it themselves 😐 !!

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