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I’m making food in my kitchen. Chopping onions and potatoes. A colleague runs in and says, “Dont make lunch. We have a client visit today. After that we’ll all go out for team lunch”.
So I drop the knife and hurry out to meet the clients.
The client is an NRI woman who is dressed in a yellow sari with loads of gold jewellery. Apart from necklaces and gold bangles, she has also worn a maang-tika and gold arm-bands.
Nothing seems out of the ordinary to our team mates. She is slightly snooty and makes it clear that she’s doing a favour by taking us out. She does not want anyone to accompany her in her car.
The team mates decide to go to the lunch venue by their own vehicles.
I hurriedly go to my desk to hunt for my helmet. Its not there. I cannot take the bike out of the parking unless I have my helmet. I ask a friend about it. She doesnt know where it is, but agrees to help me out nevertheless. We run down to the next building, which is the client office I used to work at earlier. The only difference being, the place is still under construction and has a lot of rubble lying around. The lift doesnt work. We run up the stairs, heaving badly by the time we reach the top floor. A frantic hunt later, we find the helmet under someone’s desk. I thank my friend and run of the place. Reaching my office, I now need to find my bike in the parking lot. The parking attendant hands me a token to search for my bike. The parking is a big labyrinth of a place with multiple turns and crevasses. To my consternation, I find that 90% of the parking area is the place where they dump the new joinees. Its a refugee camp for freshers who haven’t been assigned a desk yet. There are multiple beds in a row and some of them have to sleep on mattresses. Its a sad plight.
But my heart is thudding because I cant find my bike.
The remaining 10% of the parking area is a huge depot. There are garages around the perimeter and numerous bikes are piled high…some are squashed beyond recognition. I use the token to find the location of my bike. It is safe. I feel happy and elated. After a few kicks, the bike purrs to life and try to find my way out of the parking. The freshers leap at me, begging me to give them a project. I’m petrified and screech my bike out of the place. Once outside the building, I find that it is dusk. Lunch hour went by. I didnt have anything since morning.
I’m hungry, irritated, annoyed. I have this seething anger in me that I didn’t cook food believing that I will egt lunch and now I’ll have to go back and cook. I dont want to go back and cook. I jump into my bed and sleep. I force myself to sleep. I’ll never wake up, I swear to myself.

And I didn’t. At least, not till 2 hours after my alarm rang. I didn’t wake up in time to make the FIL’s dabba 😦
Not sure what the MIL gave him. I was too apprehensive to ask her !!

This was an early morning dream. I’ve heard that morning dreams come true.
Looking back at my dream, I wonder, what are the chances?!!!

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