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Weekend Updates

Hola people.

Its been simply ages since I narrated my weekend doings. Plenty of weekends went by with a lot of happening things and I forgot to post about them. But its never too late to write about what all happened this weekend (though I’m already midway to the next) and I’ll do it right here, right now 🙂

Saturday was a hot day! Hot enough to have the earth sizzling steam when there was a slight downpour during late lunch hours. The drizzle wasn’t heavy enough to cool the earth and it made the already hot day worse by adding humidity to it! Thankfully, the humidity wasn’t as bad as I’ve experienced in Chennai and Kolkata. The first time I went to  Kolkata, I complained to Dad that I had difficulty breathing. The lungs just weren’t used to the thick, heavy air.Luckily, last Saturday wasn’t that bad. The humidity lasted just that evening, next day , the air was reasonably lighter 🙂 .The one important thing I did do was hunt for mud/soil for the plants. Kind of funny that I had to pay 30/- for a plastic bag of soil. I mean, I’d never have thought that there would come a day when I couldn’t find a patch of land to dig the soil from. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the day had already come and gone. There was no open area near my place from where I could get a little mud. The empty plots had a line of barbed -wire fencing with ominous threats to trespassers. The plant nurseries quoted some really atrocious rates. I had to finally  buy the mud from a road-side plant seller. The boy who sold it was a mean little thing. He filled the measuring pot with large lumps and then swiped a hand across the top to flatten the surface. Those large lumps had stones in them, a fact I found out after reaching home 😦 . I was taken for a royal ride by a brat less than half my age!! Whoever said that with age comes wisdom??


I made a visit to the parlour. *Sigh* Sometimes, I just never learn 😦

After being inflicted with horrendous pain a million times, I still go there. What to do? Vanity calls out rather loudly.

But this time, I decided that for once,  For ONCE, I’ll be assertive. I’ll give that attendant a piece of my mind if I don’t like her service. Or her choice of songs. I was paying for that treatment and it better be according to my convenience!! So with all the indignation I could muster, I stormed into the parlour.

The attendant wasn’t there. She had left the job.


(Thats my indignation balloon bursting, by the way)

Anyhow, the owner made up for the missing attendant.

“Your hair’s very dry. See how rough they are. You need some deep conditioning and a haircut.”

“Umm…I just wanted to trim my hair”.

“No no. That will not do. We’ll first wash it and then condition it. Then a little trimming and then wrap it up with a blow-dry”.

*mentally calculating the final amount I would have to shell out*

“Err no. Thank you. I just want a trim.”

The lady looked disappointed. She looked at me as if I was her child who had just returned with an ALL FAIL report card, after she had spent an entire year feeding me badam.

“Then why don’t you get your arms waxed. See what major growth you have”.

And once again, to the sound of drum-rolls, each and every head in that parlour turned to look at my arms. I once again learned how a guinea pig feels when all eyes are it just before a dissection.

Seriously, what is it with these morale-bursting parlours?!!

Anyway, I returned with just a haircut.

And some waxing 😦

I know, I know!! The flesh is weak. The heart, weaker 😦

I felt bad for not going in for the wash and shampoo and conditioning. So I shelled out for the waxing 😦

I’ll never learn!!


I’m currently reading a book by one of my favourite authors, Dick Francis. Leaving the unfortunate name aside, the man has written some really good books on the world of horse-racing. Being an ex-jockey, he has in depth knowledge of all the wheels of the trade . The best part is how he weaves his stories (ALL OF THEM) around the horse business.

Anyhow, the BF had never heard of this author before. The first time he saw me reading the book, he just snorted in disbelief at the cover, which bore the author’s name. “Are you reading porn?” he queried.

When I threw a exasperated look at him, he just giggled and walked out with the comment, “Better not read such books when the kids are around”.


Why did I end up marrying a man who has no love for reading 🙄 ?!!!


I made doughnuts. The fried ones, not the baked. And I made gujias. Its been ages since I did some senseless frying and what better time than a dull, hot, humid Saturday evening??

Yup! I LOVE standing in front of the gas-stove when the mercury inches towards the forties.

Could have kicked myself after straining out the first donut. But it was too late to back-out. So I suffered the heat for an hour longer. Worst part was that the donuts have to be fried on a low flame 😦

Anyhow, the end result was that the donuts and gujias disappeared by Monday morning 😀

(And by that, I meant that the family finished it off. This is just in case anyone was wondering if the elves visited us 😀 )


Saw Paan Singh Tomar.

I really don’t have words to say about Irrfan Khan. A man standing on the verge of half-century can look /act like a youngster!! Who would have thunk it??

I cant think of any other actor of his age who could have pulled it off!!

And the running!! Boy, the sheer amount of running he did must have made him thin as a reed.

BTW, any idea what dialect was used in the movie??  It was awesome to see the sheer amount of expressiveness of that language. Loved it 🙂 !!

And oh (spoiler alert) wasn’t it cute the way PST used to send his kids away to ‘eat lemon juice’ , whatever that means 😀 !!!

If you haven’t seen this gem of a movie, then please do!! Its totally worth your while.


I fell off the bed.

As far as my living memory goes, this is possibly the FIRST such instance that I know of. I was more baffled, than hurt, wondering how I landed up on the hard floor. Luckily, the BF was snoring and didn’t feel the earth shaking as I dropped down.

By the way, it isn’t really my fault that I fell. It was Shobby’s fault.

My son has been driving me crazy with his sporadic illnesses. He’s up and running during the day and by evening, his little body  burn with fever. We’ve changed medications, had blood-tests done, tried home-remedies, nothing works. He is still under treatment, so hopefully, he’ll recover soon.

Anyhow, so my son has a cute habit of burrowing into the person he sleeps next to. He loves to stick close to the adult he sleeps with. So he’ll keep snuggling up to us and we, in our effort to not suffocate or squeeze him, withdraw a little away to give him space. So, because of  this burrowing and withdrawing activity last Sunday, I dropped out of bed. Because my little son kept nudging me towards the bed’s edge 😐

Thankfully, the cursed fat came to the rescue which just implies that whatever fat you have is there a reason. Apparently in my case, it is there to prevent breakage in case of dubious falls.

Ultimately, Aal izz well 😀

(Except Shobby, of course. He needs another round of diagnosis for his ill-health).


Somehow, this last weekend was far less hectic than the others. The guests have gone, except the BF’s aunt. We’ve asked her to stay till t he MIL begins her summer vacations. Life is back to routine, except that the kids miss school and wonder why we aren’t dressing them up in their uniforms every morning.

I’m going crazy, trying to figure out how to keep the two occupied for the rest of summer. Summer camps hardly last 1-2 hrs and even then, there’s no one around to drop them and pick them up from there. Also, I’m not too keen on sending them out in the heat. Its far too hot! Alas, none of the kid’s summer camp activities are in the evening 😦 . The nanny herself isn’t keeping too well and she keeps the TV on the whole day for the kids. Its ruining whatever little control I had on their TV viewing habit, but she really isn’t able to keep the two occupied for longer than an hour or so.

I guess this is a possible indicator that I must retire soon 😦


Drat the BF!!! He never has to worry about all these things 😦

The week’s going on superbly, by the way. Work’s good. The kids are slowly adjusting to their holidays and I’ll be meeting up with some old and new friends soon.

How was your weekend?? Let me know!

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