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I love standing in a downpour.

(The BF thinks its creepy, but what does he know?? He’s the one who takes hot water baths in summer *Shudder*)

I’ve always loved the first few showers of the monsoon. After the first week, when washed clothes refuse to dry and the floor is forever damp and the hair lies limp on my head, the novelty of the rains fades away 😦
Reality strikes back and I get into addressing the more pressing issues of ironing clothes dry (pun unintended 😀 )and making sure the kids are safe from the sniffles!

But the first few days…Aaaahh!!!
The first rain on a hot, dry and dusty day is like a boon from the heavens above 🙂
The air practically sizzles with the sound of water turning to vapour. The earth releases its secret aroma, a secret more sacred than the Coca Cola recipe 😉 . The trees look suddenly greener, cleaner. Flowers turn a vivid hue of their original selves and people like me rush to the terrace to soak in the warm drops.

Last week, we had a slight shower just when the city was on the verge of becoming a melting pot.
I rushed out to the terrace and Lui came after me. She out-did me in her enthusiasm for the rain. At the first feel of raindrops, she giggled with delight and stuck her hands out from the railing, wanting to feel the drops on her hands. A part of me thought it prudent to send her back inside.
But another part begged me to let her have her fun 🙂
So I picked her up and held her as the slight drizzle cooled us off. Lui, usually the hyper-energetic kid who cant stay in one position for long, clung on to me, cheek-to-cheek and sang the alphabet song 😀 . We swayed gently to her tune and she raised her face to the skies, wanting a more heavier rain.
Shobby stood near the door, calling out to us. I coaxed him to come out, but he’s gone on his father!! Not a drop of cold water is allowed to touch his warm body 😐 !! He just stood there, watching the rain!
Me and Lui stood looking out at the road for about 20 minutes.
20 of some of the best moments of my life!!

Sure, we got soaked, but not to the bone….the rain fizzled out after a while. After about fifteen minutes, the earth was dry once again 😐
I took Lui inside and toweled her hair dry.
“Mumma, hum kal phir baarish mein jayenge”, she declared.
“Sure”, I smiled.
“Lui!!! Baarish mein jaane se bukhar aati hai”, said Shobby the spoilsport.
Lui looked at me, questioning the wisdom of Shobby’s comment.
“We’ll go”, I gave my consent.
“Yaaaayyyy!!!” yelled my girl with the biggest, brightest smile on her pixie face.

Yaayy indeed 😀

Alas, it hasn’t rained since. Lui kept pestering me to bring in the rains (like Yeah, Momma can do anything!!)
The sky is clear. The sun is burning down and more than anything, I want that next shower to happen soon as possible.
SO looking forward to swaying in the rain, listening to the alphabet song 😀

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