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After a long time, very long actually, I got to spend some quality time with friends, old and new.
“Friendship” seems to be the flavour of the season and I’m drinking it up as much as possible 🙂
So wrapped up was I in work and at home that I’ve been guilty of giving the cold-shoulder to people who are equally important to me. People who I’ve shared my secrets with and who have shared theirs. People I’ve laughed with, cried with. People who care about me and I about them. So after a very long, I spent a few days where my friends were the focus of my day 🙂

The first one on the list is Mini.
Last week, Mini was in town. She was on her way to Mumbai with her hubby and the little Artimator.We had planned to meet up weeks ago. Unfortunately, on that particular day, last Thursday, I got caught up at work. It didn’t help that she was staying put at the air-force base which is a good 25-30 km from my office 😦 . I called her up to apologize for not making it. She replied that she’ll be here the next day too and it would be great if I could make it.
The daft me forgot my cell at home that day 😦
The in-laws were out for a wedding and had taken the twins along. I couldnt even ask them to check my phone for the redial list (of course I didn’t remember her number!!)
I twiddled my thumbs and fretted over how to reach her. No luck 😦
Short of driving to the air-force base and yelling Mini, Miiiiniiii, I was left with no option, but to wrap up work and go home. And oh, it was a Friday, right?! So yeah, I could finally leave office by 8 pm 😦
Anyway, crux of the matter is that I didnt get to meet darling Artim or the fabulous Mini 😦
But it helps to think that blogging has brought me new friends who look forward to meeting me ….and think of me when in town.
*Sigh* Its good to feel thought about 🙂

So Mini, if you are reading this, then please accept my sincere apology. I didn’t mean to dump you like that. It looks like fate has reserved our meeting for a better time!!
Second on the list would be good friend VSG from the clients place I used to work at earlier. She had delivered a baby girl a couple of months back and was in town. I’d been planning to visit her for ages, but the plan never got executed. Last Saturday, I decided that come hell or high water, I’m gonna meet her!! So I cooked the meals for people at home, bathed the twins and handed them over to the nanny and the BF, packed my purse and sped away. Since I’m really stupid with gifts, I bought some rattles for the baby and a memory game for the elder kid (which, after opening the box turned out to be rather unfitting of the snazzy pics on the box-cover. In other words, the memory cards sucked big time. They were nothing better than 2-inch cardboard pieces with a printed image on one side. Even the regular playing cards look better than the ones I bought 😦 )
It was good to see VSG. She was positively glowing, a look achieved only after one has babies. No amount of make-up can ever, ever replicate this look 🙂 . Anyhow, so me and VSG chatted for ages, had some awesome lunch and then she handed me some things she had bought for me :-
1) A beautiful frock for Lui. Which Lui wore for the wedding on Sunday.
2) The most awesome hyderabadi stone-work bangles set for me. When she opened the box, I just sucked in my breath and forgot to breathe for like ages!! They were that beautiful!! I was literally speechless and she was pleased that I liked it. Liked it?? I would have killed for it 😐 !!
3) The most kick-ass Andhra mango pickle!! This is a gloriously spicy concoction of fresh, unripe mangoes, Andhra spices/chillies and humongous quantities of oil.Oh dear Lord!! What bounty!!

Okay, so I felt cheap 😦
I hadn’t got her anything and here she was, showering me with so many things!! Reminder to self : Next time I meet her, MUST give her something for herself and not just the kids!

Sunday was a busy day, mostly spent in attending a wedding, visiting relatives (the GMIL’s sister who is in much the same condition as GMIL was a few months back 😦 ) and hunting for lost children.
Monday was a terribly busy day at work, with a call in the evening which stretched on till 7:30pm. After that I stayed back to read/drop a few mails, an activity I never get to do at home. Reached home by 9pm.

Tuesday was another one of those days that are so satisfying that they bring back a smile every time you recollect it 🙂 .
I met Prabha Tai. Or in other words, one of my seniors at work and an unofficial mentor. She was the one who made life bearable when I thought I couldnt work anymore. She boosted my confidence in my abilities when there were others denouncing it every minute!! In other words, she’s a genuinely good friend and mentor. I look up to her (literally and figuratively. She’s around 5’8″-5’9″ in height 😀 ).
Tai currently works in the US and was down in Pune for a visit her parents and son ( CI’s a ridiculously tall guy!! I mean, when I last him, he was in standard 8th and stood around 5’8″ tall 😐 . I remember Tai ranting that she couldn’t find him jeans with his length and waist size ! ). Right now, he’s MUCH taller and bigger 🙂 . I’m sure Tai buys his clothes from abroad 😀
Anyway, we were supposed to meet on Sunday, but the delays in visiting relatives made certain that I couldn’t make it back in time to meet her. So we had rescheduled it for Tuesday. And what a day it was!!
The minute her door was opened, we ran to hug each other and clung on for ages!!!
Lui, who had accompanied me, gaped at us, probably wondering why her mother was acting like a baby leech.
But seriously, I love this woman 🙂 . Just being in her company is awesomeness itself 🙂
We chatted for a while and then she tells me that she has invited another friend over. A certain Mr.AMR who is a dear friend from a long time back!! I squeeled in delight, because I hadn’t seen him in ages! There was a time, some 8 years back, when we had an iftaar group at work. We were the ones who used to fast during Ramzan and get- together for iftar in the evening. It was a great gang. AMR was the youngest of the group and we used to have a fun time ribbing him 😀
Anyhow, he turned up shortly with his very beautiful wife. And then we had a wonderful time reminiscing about the old time….of the work, the people, the highs and the lows. We chatted for ages, over samosas and pizzas, rasgullas and dhoklas and Coke, of course. Lui, though a little perturbed at being the only kid around was reasonably well behaved, by which I obviously mean that no crockery was broken or windows shattered. No walls were scrawled upon, though I did see her eye twitching when she spotted the sparkling, clean walls 😐 . Thankfully, Tai gifted her with a set of washable-ink sketch pens which Lui now treasures more than her ragged-y doll. The sketch pens kept her busy for the rest of the afternoon 🙂 .
It was with a heavy heart that I parted from there. I met Tai after 8 long years! This weekend, she’ll be gone again. I have no idea when I’ll get to meet her again 😦 .

That evening, I met another dear friend, at a traffic signal, no less, who shared the news that she was on the family way! I would have leapt up right there and given her a hug! But prior experience with miscarriages and the fact that I was tied up with the twins on my bike, made it difficult for me to perform that action. Though I was jumping with joy inside, I kept a calm face and congratulated her. It was tough, being neutral like that 😦

But seriously! My friend circle rocks as of now 🙂
Three of my BEST friends are expecting, one for the second time 🙂 . I can barely wait for them babies to pop-out 😀

I met some great friends over a period of few days and I’m now in better touch with them than through FB!

Basically, I’m on a high right now.

So if you have great friends around, raise your cup and and say a loud “Cheers” for friendship.

Its the greatest gift ever 🙂

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