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So many little things to share, where do I even begin??
Okay, I’ll start with the woes with my bike.
I own a Scooty Pep+, a sturdy little thing which completed 5 years this Feb.I like the Scooty because it consumes very little parking space, which, in a parking-deprived city like Pune, is a big boon 😐
Though I’ve been regular with the servicing, I have a feeling I’ve been fleeced of the bike’s original parts. So after every servicing, the bike just gets worse, albeit after working fine for a week.
Just a couple of months back, the BIL had got it serviced again. Yet, within a few weeks, the starter wouldn’t work anymore. The battery is so low, that even after a drive of 20kms, the button start doesnt work 😦
I’ve been kicking away for ages, not to mention, fuming away mentally and literally at traffic junctions (where I cant switch off the ignition, because there is no time for me to get down, put the bike on main stand and start kicking away). I’ve been burning more fuel that before and thats giving me some serious heart-burn.
Lately, I was even thinking of getting it exchanged for a new bike.
That is, until last Friday, when my junk of a bike, took me sailing safely to a far-off place, with me, my MIL and two kids in tow!
I didn’t know my bike had it in her. I mean, I’m a heavy-weight. The MIL more so. The twins, together weigh around 28kgs. The total weight on my bike was roughly 180Kgs!!!
And yet, it drove us smoothly over an incline and when we got got from the other side, the wheels gripped hard and the brakes were smooth.
So okay, all I wanted to say here was that my bike’s still got some juice left.
It is still good to go. I’ll postpone the exchanging for another year 😀


The wretched sun is killing my ridge-gourds 😦
If this isn’t reason enough to wail away, I dont know what is!!
After all the love and devotion of watering, manuring, digging and providing supports, the sun comes around and plays spoil sport! Just when the tiny flowers bloomed and the teeny-weeny ridge-gourds took shape, the sun burned them to a cinder!! Around 20-30 of the little fruits have been burned away by now. Though I made sure that the plant was not placed in a very sunny area, the problem is that the hot winds accompanying the heat are just as deadly!!
I think this was a wrong season to plant it anyway.
Surprisingly though, two little fruits are still going strong. They’ve grown bigger than the others and haven’t turned yellow/brown yet, which gives me hope.
Keeping fingers crossed for the first harvest 🙂

I saw a British war drama called Atonement by director Joe Wright.
I think I was never impressed with British movies before, strictly limiting myself to their comedies which surpasses the American’s (AND the Harry Potter series, of course 😀 ).
But this movie was an eye-opener. Starring, Keira Knightly and the beautifully naive James McAvoy, the movie is a heart-breaking narration of love in the times of war, of mistaken identities, fate and penance.
So beautifully is the movie shot that it was easy to ignore the slow pace and cryptic dialogues (which cut like scythes though the narrative). James McAvoy doesn’t need dialgoes. He can be mute and you would still know what he’s thinking. This guy can express volumes just with his eyes!!
The synopsis of the movie will be available on IMDB or Wiki, but I urge you to watch it before going for the synopsis.
The end is truly heart-breaking, but in a way which touches down deeper than normal. You root for the couple to have a happy ending and like the last scene shows, there is a wealth of wisdom in the eyes of the hero as he looks back with world-weary eyes and then steps inside to join his lady love.
For the faint-hearted, let me warn that this movie contains some really gruesome war images, which refuse to leave you long after you’re done watching them. You might feel compelled to press the fast-forward, but believe me, the shots are more aesthetic than gruesome and just add to the richness of the movie (one more indication of the futilities of war and its impact on innocent people).
Do watch it if you get the chance.

Read this review in case you are still not convinced!!

And ohh, how could I forget the background score?!! This is possibly the first time I heard of the typewriter as a musical instrument! Awesome work there!!
On an aside, I’m slowly getting addicted to watching movies on my laptop than watching it on the big-screen or the TV. Though I do like theaters, I feel that sometimes, the decibel levels of the theater go way over the movie’s needs. It is no fun trying to watch a serious drama with your hands clamped over your ears 😦
Television is a taboo, for obvious reasons. Its more about the advertisements than the movie and I’m not too keen on Ads.

Speaking of Ads, I think there is a serious shortage of clever ads that make an impact. All the products use the same ad format. Think Deos and immediately you’ll recollect that ALL brands have women in skimpy clothing simpering/slithering/drooling/hyperventilating over the man who’s just bathed in the product (yup, bathed. Because a spray or two dont work!!)
Think about washing powders and ALL ads have kids sermonising their mothers on the choice of brand. OR, they have husbands who are glad that their wife’s hands are softer than before.
How about showing a guy helping his wife with the washing?! Then his opinion would matter, wouldn’t it??
Then there’s this other ad I saw, of an ailing and emancipated Rajesh Khanna claiming that his fans will never leave him. I wanted to feel good for him, but somehow the sentiment dipped towards pity. Immense pity that a yesteryear’s superstar is content to have his ‘fans’, albeit the mechanical ones. That familiar cock of the head in the end was more pathetic than endearing 😦
And I really MUST do a post on unFAIR means of playing with the female psyche. These guys crossed the laxman Rekha with this ad!!

Have bought a pair of roller-skates for the twins.Unfortunately, it was the only pair available in that size. Haven’t shown it to the twins yet. The BF has asked me to buy another pair before I let the twins set their eyes on this one. Else, we’ll have to prepare for the Battle-Of-NeverEnding-Proportions (with Lui winning, of course 😀 )

I’ve been sleeping loads.
All thanks to the MIL who’s now enjoying her school’s summer vacations. She has taken over the morning’s kitchen duties from yours truly
So instead of setting an alarm for 5:30 or 6AM, I get up at *hold your breath* 8 AM!!!
Thats like practically mid-day 😀
So yeah, am less grumpier and more chirpier these days 😀
That is, till I saw “Housefull2” day before yesterday.
Been in mourning since then 😦

Thats all for now.
Much more randomness coming in future posts!!
Stay tuned 🙂

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