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I really wanted to title this post differently….but then, aware that religious sentiments run high, I thought it would be better to take a safer route 🙂

Actually, I wanted to rave and rant about this observation by Bombay High Court judges P B Majmudar and Anoop Mohta , that “Married women should be like goddess Sita” . This humble ‘observation’ was passed when a woman refused to move to Port Blair with her husband. Obviously, concerns like her having a job of her own or even her apprehensions on moving to a remote place never occurred to the esteemed judges. But yes, how un-Sita like of the woman for refusing to walk mutely behind her husband and follow him like the little proverbial sacrificial lamb!!

Not done I tell you!!

It was rather difficult for me to control the expletive-ridden tirade that came to my mind as soon as I read the article. Mark, I’m not in favor of the woman who agreed to the divorce. Surprisingly it never occurred to the judges that the husband in this picture, sent a divorce notice to his wife because ‘she refused to join him in his new place’. Was her refusal so earth-shattering that the man had no option left, but to deny their child a parent??

Aren’t there men who leave their wives behind, to look after ‘his family’ while they go off to far-flung places? Should such women send an immediate divorce decree to their husbands for leaving them behind?? Aren’t women who demand to stay with their husbands (and not their in-laws) looked down upon?

Needless to say, the man was let off easily, apparently because the judges likened him to Bhagwan Ram (he’s a man, after all, isn’t he?!!)!

The woman is the guilty party here.  The judges shake their collective heads and rue that today’s women are so unlike Sita. Thanks, but no Thanks!

Sita  never got an iota of love and respect for all her sacrifices. I doubt many people (and by that I mean women) hold Sita in very high esteem 😦 . At least, I wish her history had been written differently. I wish it was written in a way that Sita would be a role model for women and not for men alone!! Men would, of course, love to have a wife who always follows their wishes, never argues and stays devoted no matter what scum-of-the-gutter the man is.


Sorry, but no. No woman should strive to be Sita.  If she does, then there should be rules , the primary one being that her partner should have a modicum of virtues as in Ram.

But when such men are rare, who do the women become Sitas for??



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