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I finally bought the twins their first pair of roller skates.

Red wheels for Shobby and Hot-pink for Lui.

Since the time, their cousin, AB (sister-in-law’s son) rolled around our house on his ‘wheels’, the twins have been pestering me to get them those ‘shoes with tyres’ ( 🙄 ) . It didn’t seem like a bad idea. The twins are already over 3 years and old enough to start cycling. The only problem is that we do not have a favorable vicinity for them to cycle in, what with our building being located bang on the road! Also, the twins are too small to be left out in the lanes behind our house!

So skates be it. It helps that our house has ample space for them to practice in. As soon as I pulled them out, the twins yelled with delight, ran to wear their shoes (as instructed by me) and pestered us to lace up the rollers to their feet. Well, the part till the lacing up went just fine. What didn’t go all that fine was happened next.

Lui got up.

And she came down even before I realized that she had got up 😐

Luckily, she landed on her ample rump and was saved from any injury, other than the small matter of her pride being hurt! But shortly, with some basic instructions and loads of help, she was able to hold on to the bunk-bed’s support bar and slowly roll to and fro. I think for a first timer, she showed immense balance.

Shobby, unfortunately, wasn’t as lucky. I had to yell at him to STAY STILL FOR A MINUTE!! Alas, he was so worked up that he kept pumping his legs and the wheels just rolled harder and it was so difficult to hold him upright till he could at least stand. Though he didn’t fall as such, two minutes on the skates were enough for him.

“Abhi bas”, he concluded and ordered me to get rid of the skates.

Aah…well 😐

At least Lui did some justice to the price I payed for them skates. Actually, I bought the them from two different stores, right opposite to each other. The skates were of the same brand. At one store, I got it for 560/- (couldn’t buy two because I didn’t have more cash and the lady insisted that she didn’t take cards).

The second pair was bought the next day at the other sports shop, where I got it for 490/- along with a bag to store them in 😐 . Could have kicked myself for not withholding my urge to buy the first pair 😦

Anyhow, have also purchased the twin’s first set of swimming costume and trunk. In red. Shobby loved it so much that he wanted to wear it at home. Its been tough trying to explain to him that it has to be worn ONLY inside a pool. Lui loves her red ‘frock’ as she sees her costume. The MIL wondered why I chose such a bright shade of red. Why?? Because it has the longest wavelength in the spectrum of light. So if my kids go anywhere further than needed, it’ll be easier to spot them.

(Yeah, I’m paranoid about losing them).

(Am also paranoid about dressing them in the same shades. Sue me !!)

So this summer, after the kids spent the first two weeks cooped up at home, I have finally planned some action for them. The FIL is keen to take them swimming. And the BF will take over the roller skates. Actually, he’s the one who’s the skating pro. I’ve never attached those wheels to my feet and I doubt I’m keen to start now 😐 .  But he sure knows the tricks and the techniques, so yeah, he’s in charge of this game now 🙂

I don’t see Shobby turning into a sportsperson, really. He’s not too keen on games which require much physical activity, though turning somersaults and hopping between the sofas seems to suit him just fine. Lui shows some serious spark where sports are concerned and we are really hoping she develops this interest further.

All we can do is provide the means, right?

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