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After a post on Lui, how could I resist a post on Shobs?!

My son is the apple of my eye. That is, IF I had an apple in my eye! But I dont. So eventually, I dont know exactly how his phrase came about, but I’ll use it nevertheless!

Now my son, the tiny little man, my hero, is very possessive of me. It works fine in most situations. I feel loved and coveted (go soak in misery, BF!!). But shobs has a nasty habit of getting sentimental/attached at the wrong times.

So an aunt visits our place and wants to chat up. She’s facing some crisis in her home and wants to share. I make consoling sounds, a cluck here a smile there.

Shobby : Mumma. Close your mouth.

Me : (momentarily distracted by the aunt) Huh?

Shobby : Moonh band karo!

And he promptly places a tiny palm flat on my lips.

I give in to his whim and as soon as he removes his hand, start talking to the aunt.

Shobby: Mumma!! Aap inke saath baat nahin karo. Mujhe bahut bura lag raha hai.

Me : 😐

Aunt : Err…Shobby dear, I’m talking to your mom.

Shobby : (turning to the aunt) Main aapse baat nahin kar raha hoon. Mai mummy se baat kar raha hoon.

That successfully shuts up the aunt for a few minutes…….while I’m wading eye-ball deep in embarrassment.


The SIL is visiting with her kids. The four children get along pretty well, but them being kids, discords are bound to happen. They do have their little fights but nothing serious to require parental intervention.

One day, the SIL’s younger son came up to us wailing. Apparently, there was a tussle between him and the twins over some toy. He was accidentally hit near the eye. When I asked who hit him, he said it was Shobby.

I was annoyed and went hunting for the culprit. After running around the house, I finally found him hiding under the study in the BIL’s room.

I called him out. He just glared at me and refused to budge. I threatened to come in there if he didn’t come out himself. That thought scared him enough to come scampering out.

Even before I could utter the first word, Shobby started wailing out loud. He cried buckets. But wait! My son doesn’t cry silently. He likes to talk as he’s crying. So as I stood there befuddled, my 3-year old laments, “KITNA bada gussa karte mujhe!! Kitna chhota bachcha hoon main. Chhote bachhon ko aise satate hain kya??”

I rushed out of the room to stiffle the surge of giggling that burst from me! ( Didnt want to laugh in front of him πŸ˜€ )

But seriously, “Chhota bachcha?!!” Where did he learn that??


One night, he fell ill. Earlier in the evening, he wasn’t feverish but was mostly irritable. I put it down to his lack of sleep in the afternoon. By night-time, he was definitely cranky, but not hot yet. So angry was he that he did not want me to even sit and talk to the MIL. I had to bring him to my room and tell my usual good-night story. That calmed him a bit.

Somewhere around 2:30am, he started crying in his sleep. I got up with a start to check on him and found that he was burning with fever. The first instinct was to give him some medication and in my groggy state, I rushed to get it.

Alas, Shobby took my moving away as an act of abandonment and started crying louder. Like I said before, he cant just cry. He has to talk while he cries. So he says,” Sab mujhe chhodkar chale jaate hain!”

“Nahin baby”, I rush to console him,”Mummy is right here”.

Shobby continues to cry and wail,”Kitna beemar hota hoon mai!! Baar baar beemar hota hoon! Mujhe achcha nahin karte. Sab log mujhe satate rehte hain!!”

Me : 😐

Shobby’s ill-health is definitely one of my major concerns, but I had no clue, he was worried about it too 😐 !!


Β I come back tired from work, open the front door and see my son playing in the drawing room. As soon as he spots me, his face breaks into a big grin and while I hold out my arms for him to run into, he instead runs inside yelling, “Lui ….LUI….aapki mummy aa gayi”.

Me : 😐 😦 😦 *facepalm*


In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that my son is a Ram Sene cadet in the making. That belief took stronger roots recently.

We came back one evening from the SIL’s place. The BF was in a hurry to change and dig his burrow on the couch in front of the TV (IPL Finals πŸ™„ ). I made some snide remark about it and he tried to pacify me with a quick hug (lest I turn nasty on the morrow!) . We were wrapped in a hug for a nanosecond when –

“Arre!! Aap dono phir shuru ho gaye?” , said a disgruntled voice from behind me.

Clearly, my son is the biggest spanner jamming the gears of  my love-life  😐


Thats all for now folks. A LOT has been happening in the MomOfRS house recently (also,Β the twins will be starting school from next week). A zillion things to write about…..but time…time is one thing I need to put it all down here. Promise to do the most I can πŸ™‚

Till then, Ciao!!



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