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From today’s Pune mirror headline :-

More is new CP

B D More, ADGP (Establishment), is set to take over as Commissioner of Police from Meeran Borwankar after NCP and Congress finally agree on his candidature


This would be  the kind headline I generally give a miss to, until the BF pointed out the last few words :-

after NCP and Congress finally agree on his candidature”

With NCP and Congress both vying for the post of the top-most bully in the city, how exactly is the Commissoner of Police to perform?

Can he go against people who ‘allowed’ him to bag the post?

Or will he make sure that the goons get their way, anytime, anywhere?

Is that even a question anymore??

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Labour Pains

A pregnant woman kept her appointment with her doctor.

It being her first time, she was full of worry and questions. The doctor tried his best to answer the woman’s queries. But she kept coming back to that one important question, “How much does it hurt?”

The doctor tried his best to explain that the pain varied from woman to woman and each woman handled it in her own way. The patient wasn’t convinced. She insisted on knowing how much it would hurt her.

“Not much. Do one thing, just pull at your upper lip, like this”.

“This much?”

“No, just tug at it a little more”.

“Thiss maach??”

“Some more. Hold the lip tight as you pull”.

“Uh huh”.

“Does that hurt?”

“Pretty much”.

“Now pull it all the way over your head”.


(Now, now girls! Please don’t kill me for this 😀 )

AB, SK, BFC and SC, I wish you ALL the best. Pain or no pain , you’ll do just fine 🙂

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I’ve been cribbing about my job for ages now!
Its not as though I hate it (that would come as too strong). I like it. But thats just about it.
A long time back, when I was in college, I found out, to my utter delight that I’m a very outdoor-sy person. You know, the kinds who has to run about for chores – buy some stuff, pay the bills, get hold of an electrician, etc.
It is rather funny that a person who has difficulty sitting in one place for more than 15 minutes, choses to join a field where she has to sit in one place for hours at a stretch. There was a time when I would be sitting at my desk at 8 in the morning, just to get up at 12 for lunch. There was loads to do at work. I was glued to the seat and my eyes were glued to the monitor.
I still wonder what I was smoking to come to this career decision?!!

The week I started my first job, I moved into mom’s empty apartment and started staying all by myself (before that I lived in a PG). Staying alone during the early years of my job was an eye-opener. I had to do everything myself. In fact, I even learned to repair stuff without the need of a whine-y repairman. Simple stuff like iron-press or electric toaster were easily repaired by me. I figured out how to fit the tube light frames and the tubes. Bulbs were a piece of cake.
I enjoyed doing these things. I enjoyed them far more than the 9+ hours I spent at work and even then, those hours were saved because of the presence of some really precious friends.
It wasn’t as though the work was bad. It was good. It gave me a good salary. Heck, I was good at what I did.
But I’m still not happy doing it (Unmana, if you are reading this, let me tell you again how lucky you are). I mean, I’m happy when I get the message at the end of the month that salary has been credited. It helps me feel secure and confident. It helps to contribute towards the house and splurge on the kids. It helps to pay the loans.
But what it doesnt help is the emptiness. The rather vacant feeling of disinterest.
I can handle this job in my sleep. But that doesnt mean it lets me sleep easy.
The BF says I don’t set challenges for myself. I swear I tried. I tried to up the ante. But what use is it to build the tower when the foundation is shaky?
I’ve been asking around lately. Asking for opinion on what others think I can do. Because for the love of God I can’t put my finger down on even a single thing I’m good at 😐 . I dabble in loads of stuff, suffering from the typical jack-of-all-and-master-of-none syndrome 😦
Of all the suggestions put forth by friends and relatives, the one given by the BF stands closest to what I believe  in myself.
He said I should apply to be a proof reader.
Yes. I should be that person who picks out faults. The born critic. Thats the Libran in me.
The minute he said it, I knew this is what I wanna do!!
Darling BF!! He was so bang on!! Obviously, my pointing out mistakes in books to him while I’m reading, had something to do with it. The best part is that it comes naturally to me. Picking faults, I mean. Even when I’m busy reading a part of my brain goes in a tangent checking out the spellings or the grammar. I’ve listed both kinds of errors in books by reputed publications!!
I SO want to be that person who goes over what other people write (before getting published) and get paid for it 😀
So the good people out there…..help me out.
Please let me know where to start. How to start. What kind of qualifications are needed. What I need to do to get started. Any pointer will help.
Heck! If you become a famous author, I might just proof read your books for free!!
Please bite the bait 😀
(Just ignore the mistakes in this post. I’m rather excited, over-the-top and I have tons of work to finish before the weekend. Moreover, no one’s gonna pay you in case you do pick out the faults 😀 . He he!! I’m mean 😉 )


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