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The Day Care

Yesterday, the twins spent their first day at the day-care.

Now, this isn’t a professional day-care center. The woman who runs it is in her fifties (if I’m not wrong :|), is single and has a daughter who is pursuing her MBA.

The lady is an ex-school teacher who has been conducting tuitions to support herself and her daughter. We needed someplace where we can leave the kids between 2-6pm, that is, after their school gets over and the in-laws get back from work. Leaving them home was an option but we weren’t comfortable with the idea of leaving the kids alone with the nanny. The girl (the nanny), a slip of a thing, tends to sleep deeply, so deep in fact that many a times we’ve found the kids prancing around the house whereas she is deep asleep inside. As long as there were other adults in the house, it was okay. Now, there is no one 😦 . Thats the major reason we thought of keeping the kids someplace where they can be watched over all the time.

I’ve mentioned in some posts before, about my futile efforts in hunting for a day care. There isn’t a single one near my place, not surprising, since it’s a purely residential area. It’s kind of funny, that we found out about this lady just the day before the twin’s school was to start 😐

I met up with  the lady first, then the MIL accompanied me to settle on the payments and then I took the kids to meet her. One thing that did strike me was that the lady and her daughter were kind, but firm in their handling of the twins. When her daughter raised her voice at Lui who was jumping over the sofa, I’ll confess I felt bad. But more than that, I realized that so bratty had my daughter become lately that nothing we said or did made any difference to her. A little stern treatment would do her some good.

And that is exactly what each one of us kept re-assuring the other about yesterday.


MIL : I don’t like it….feeling bad….its not good to keep children away…..kya karein?…..lekin zaroori hai.

FIL : I don’t approve. What is the need?? We can call my sister again…let her stay with us….now you realize the importance of my mother?!….

BIL : I wonder how the kids are faring…..

BF  : I don’t like it….am upset…..what if they ill-treat the kids….poor Shobby….he has to suffer because of Lui….she’s a brat…but yeah, she needs some discipline…my babies…I don’t like it.

Me  : *call up daycare*….did the driver bring in the kids on time?…

          *call up nanny*…what?? shobby was crying??…

         *call up BF*….they’ll take some time to adjust..

         *call up daycare*…are the kids having something to eat?…..

         *call up MIL*…Lui seems to be doing just fine…..

         *call up nanny* pick the kids….

         *call up day-care*…hope they didn’t trouble much….

         *call up MIL* …did they reach?…

         *call up BF*…they’ve come home….

BF  : I don’t like it yaar 😦

Me  : Me too 😦


And so, we’ve all been going back and forth on our decision to put the kids in day-care !

As of now, they haven’t been scarred or anything. The only thing Lui complained about was that the aunty scolded her. But I know that my daughter can test the patience of a saint, so I don’t blame the aunty right-away. The lady is used to handling little children and I’m sure I’ll see positive results shortly.

On that positive note, I’ll try and get through another day, even as my mind diverts itself involuntarily, wondering how the kids will fare today 😐 . I know that this arrangement will be best for them and us. We can go about our work without the constant nagging worry of what the twins would be up to or how the nanny is treating them. Plus, the twins will learn to behave and eat (two things that the daycare lady has promised to instill in the kids). As of now, they are both fussy eaters and tend to boss others around !

It is 3 pm now and I’ve made only two calls (to home) and one chat (with BF). Still resisting the urge to call up the day-care. Shouldn’t sound too uncertain about them, I think. We need to get through this month before finalizing on our decision to continue further.


I wonder why we are all getting so sentimental about the day care !

Its not as if we are cutting off the proverbial umbilical cord or something! We are just keeping the kids in a different place till their grandparents come home.

Why then, is it so difficult to accept it  😐 😦 ?!!



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