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I remember posting a few months back about my weight gain issues and my lack of initiative to lose any of it.
I also remember asking people to remind me about the work-outs I had planned (really?!!)
Barring a few, no one bothered to 😦
Last week I posted a few pics from the cookery competition I was a part of. People commented that I looked rather slim for a mother of twins. Aaah!! But that was only half the truth. What many people DID NOT realize was that the snaps were cleverly clipped at the point where they showed the entire me !
Brilliant work, that. Especially since it came from a person who has never touched Photoshop!
How long can one deceive? How far do untruths go? We all gotta wake up and smell the coffee, right?
So, was it any real surprise when I visited a pathology lab last week for a medical check-up (for my LIC policy) and found to my horror that I have *hold your breath* breached the 70 Kgs barrier 😯
But, here comes the REAL shocker!
I breached it by FIVE kgs!
So, forget my laments about hovering just above the 70kgs mark on the weighing scale. I, shamefully, stand at a mammoth 75kgs for a 157cm frame.
*hanging head*
I know, I know….no punishment is enough! I think I’ve become a nut. The one with the hard shell, of course. The kind of shell that doesn’t pierce easily 😐
So no laments from mother, no tender hints from the BF, no straight-faced truths from the twins nor the ever-changing measurements at the tailor’s have been instrumental in making me come to terms with the weight gain!!
Once more, I blatantly confess to my procrastination, my hopes of starting work-outs from ‘tomorrow’ and my resolve to give up on fried food and sweets asap.
Lies. All lies.
Tell me, is there a cure for the mind?? I’m sure my body follows my mind. And my mind is rather weak right now. I can’t stick to a diet, I can’t follow a work-out routine, I’m lazy, hopeless and now, irrevocably FAT.
*plus, I love soaking in misery*
Can someone pull me out of this pool of pity??

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