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Hey!! I’m Still Around!!

Dear Readers,

Forgive me my recent absence from the blogosphere. It is not that I suffered from writer’s block or anything.

Its just that too much has been happening lately and though my mind is full of stuff to write about, my fingers barely comply (sounds familiar 😐 !! Have I used this line before?!!)

The kids have been on their rampant best. Mom is in town and though I would like to spend as much time with her as possible, my visits to her were relegated to just weekend visits. The kids cooperated by promptly falling ill each weekend. Visits to the ped’s clinic took up most of my weekends. Mom, though a bit upset at the lack of time we have for her, cheered up each time we did make an appearance!

The twins have been bonding BIG time with their cousins (Aapa’s kids). Its sad that though in the same town, I dont get the chance to visit her often 😦 . Still, the weekends were great. The twins still clamor to go back to Nanijaan’s place because they’ll get to play with Baby Simrah and Big Bhaiya Bojo. Getting them ready for school this morning was a struggle in itself. Shobs refused to believe that Baby Simrah is no longer at Nanijaan’s place and has gone back to her own house. So adamant was he that I had to take him on a quick trip to Mom’s place and show him that the baby was indeed not there. The little detective in him grumbled as he surveyed all the rooms and then resignedly admitted that his beloved cousin sister wasn’t around!! Only then did he oblige and get dressed for school once we came back home 😐

Lui has been on impeccable manners recently. I’m half-suspicious someone’s taken over my daughter’s spirit 😐 !! I mean, no tantrum in ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!  Am I hallucinating or what?!! Somehow, her good manners, though a relief, are a little dampening. We are too used to her spicy self most of the time 😦 . Docility doesn’t suit her at all!! She isn’t meant to be meek! I’d rather have my eye-brow waggling, nose wiggling, zillion-expressions-per-minute baby back. Thank you very much!

Other than these minor quibbles on the home front, I’ve been meaning to write a lot on topics popping up in the news these days. Surprisingly, the bad news kept popping up so frequently (each one worse than the previous) and left me so appalled that I’ve been unable to put two coherent thoughts together. Thankfully, there are people who are doing a much better job of venting the outrage that I feel. For the record, I’m talking about all those news reports of baby girls being dumped in fields (thanks but no thanks SMJ 😦 , we really don’t like our baby girls enough to keep them ), girls being molested in public by mobs and the stripping of dignity of an athlete by the very institution that is meant to protect it. It is anger, it is hurt and it is fear that I feel…because I have to bring up a daughter in these very environs 😐 . Short of keeping her locked up at home for the rest of her life, I see no immediate solution in sight 😐

(I would have provided links to the articles written by others, but alas, WordPress isn’t allowing me to paste anything on this tiny box into which I type this post).

Anyhow, life goes on, even if me and the twins have a persistent cough that refuses to abate…no amount of home remedies, medications and soups help. I’ve stopped all medication for now. Only warm water and 3 minutes of steaming before sleeping, for the kids as well as me. Hopefully, it should bring some relief.

On that note, hope you all had a great weekend and have a better week coming up 🙂

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