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An Actual Conversation

This took place between the BF and a female colleague in his office. Now the female colleague, or FC for short, does not directly report to the BF. She is in one of the projects whose manager reports to the BF. But, she has a soft spot for him and strikes up conversations whenever possible.  There was even one instance when she offered all possible ‘assistance’ if he took care of her ‘routine deliverable escalations’. The BF and I had a long chat on the implications of the statement and its repercussions. I’m not sure exactly how wise I was in dissuading him from reporting the event, but the crux is that the BF had been keeping a low profile and a cold attitude towards her.

Not one to be ignored, the girl continued her habit of complementing the BF on his hairstyle, or a particular shirt he was wearing, etc.

So one day, the BF was showing some of the twin’s recent snaps to his friends. FC walks in and checks out the photos.

FC : Ohh!! Your daughter is so pretty.

BF : Thanks.

FC : But how come she is so ‘chinky’.

BF : I have no idea.

FC : Does anyone in your family have eyes like that?

BF : No. No one does.

FC : Then where did she get the eyes from.

BF : No idea.

FC : Really strange, isn’t it?

BF: Its okay. I don’t doubt my wife.

FC : 😐

When the BF narrated this incident, I almost fell off the bed laughing 😀 !!

Frankly, I feel a little bad for FC. The BF was this close to reporting her to the higher ups for stalking him, but I told him to enjoy the attention while he was getting it. Its not as if she meant any harm.

Edited to add : This post was lying in the drafts. The latest update is that the young woman is no longer in the BF’s team. He has a reason to breathe easy these days 🙂

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