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Humpty Dumpty All Over Again

Something happened this afternoon that the BF simply insists I post about.

After this particular post (https://momofrs.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/the-just-married-please-excuse-contest/), he’s been a little grouchy that I brought up his less-than-chivalric “Arre pakdo” moment. Its a different matter that the grouchiness is erased every time he gets the image of me hurtling towards doom, all flailing arms and legs, with a large sling-bag and a camera around my neck and my phone in my hand. He’s been busy grinning each time a comment to that post appears on his blackberry :).

Anyhow, like I said before, he insisted that I do a post on this afternoon’s occurrence, just so that he feels vindicated of his ‘moment’.

So this is what happened.

Post lunch in the office cafeteria (on the 7th floor), I took the stairs to reach my floor (the 2nd). After practically running down nearly 4 and a half floors, I slowed down as I had a qucik flash of memory regarding the BF’s friend, who, in his hurry to rush down the stairs, slipped, fell and cracked a vertebra. The sad memory slowed me down considerably and I took a cool stroll down the last stretch. While I was on the second last step, the stairwell door opened and two guys came out. I looked up to see who they were and in that moment, forgot all about the last step, missed it, twisted my ankle and fell headlong on the landing 🙂

As I gasped for breath through the horrible pain, the bitter irony of my situation struck hard and I gurgled with laughter. As I gasped in pain and still laughed, the two gents standing at the door got rather uncomfortable. They tried offering help, asking me if I could stand up and walk…I giggled that I could and they beat a hasty exit from there. It was quite some time before I finally mustered the courage to drag myself through the workhall door and to my cubicle. Funny thing is , I was still laughing when I reached my cubicle! To think that I was careful NOT to hurt myself on the stairs and did just that within seconds was vastly amusing 😀 .

I made a quick call to the BF and explained my predicament.
“I fell down the stairs”, I quipped.
“Wasn’t there anyone around to yell, ‘arre pakdo’?”, he quipped back.
“What the hell?? I fell down and hurt my ankle. Show some concern”.
“Well, first do a post and let people know that you have a tendency to fall off stairs”.
“Think about it. Will check your blog shortly”.

So here I am folks, writing out my story as the kind BF suggested. And oh, in case you are interested, I haven’t broken any bones or torn any ligaments. Luckily, I had a jar of Zandu Balm, massaging which my ankle feels alright. I can walk again (Yay!!) and there are no ugly egg-sized bumps anywhere 😀

So there BF. I fell down the stairs. I publicly confess that I’m clumsy and a klutz. D’ya feel better now?? 🙂

P.S: Yes, I’m one of those people to whom stairs happen.

P.P.S : I’m also the kind of person who keeps Zandu Balm in my locker for exactly what happens in PS.

P.P.P.S : I still love the BF. No matter what 😐 . He buys me those Zandu Balm jars.

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………………….on my way to work, I crossed a stretch of road which is the hub of the city’s central grains and vegetable depot.  Succinctly put, its called Market Yard. This is where every morning, trucks come in by the dozens and dump a zillion sacks of grains and vegetables. The market opens up at an insane hour, probably 4am in the morning. By 5am, there is a hoard of little red and blue tempos which crowd to Marketyard to buy their share of the goods. These tempos/handcarts then travel to the other parts of the city to sell those goods. This activity goes on till 12 in the noon. I guess after that the depot gates close down. At the time when I pass that way, the traffic outside the depot gates is at its peak. It is a tough task for all the bikes, cars and buses to outmaneuver the tempos/handcarts, which take up nearly the entire road.

Anyhow, so this morning, as I reached the large traffic signal (which unfortunately turned red just as I reached it), I saw that there was a slight commotion. Apparently, a tempo crossing the signal had dropped a sack of guavas right in the middle of the road. The driver of the tempo (tempo1) was oblivious of his loss till he reached the other side, where a couple of bystanders told him that they saw his sack falling off. Tempo1 driver was worried. He parked his vehicle and tried crossing the road, but the peak rush hour didn’t allow him the space. Meanwhile, as second tempo’s (tempo2) driver, standing at the signal, saw the plight of tempo1, he quickly hopped out, rushed to the sack and amidst great traffic, somehow managed to drag it back to his tempo. Tempo2 driver waved frantically at driver of tempo1, trying his best to signal that the sack was safe. Driver1 couldn’t see properly through the traffic. And tried once more to cross the road. Tempo2 driver then hauls the sack into his vehicle, drives across the road to tempo1 driver and hands over the sack. Tempo1 driver’s face is flush with relief. Tempo2 driver gets back into vehicle, makes a U-turn and drives off in another direction.

All this happened in the few minutes it took for my signal to turn green, but it was an inspiring lesson on good-ness. On being helpful and kind. Tempo2 driver went out of his way to make sure that tempo1 driver’s sack was unharmed and was handed over to him. Its not everyday we see selfless acts of kindness, specially in cities where everyone is too rushed to help out others. Reminded me of an instance long time back, Bro was driving me to a college for a written test. It started raining and I was clutching at my folder of certificates, trying my best to prevent them getting wet. Somehow, at one point, the folder slipped out of my hand and fell on the road. I yelled at Bro to stop the bike, which he did, but a few meters ahead. I frantically signaled people coming my way to not drive over the folder. Many drove around it. But one particular chap, who was far off and had seen me, drove right over my folder and was nasty enough to give a smug look while doing it. I stood there, too shocked for words, but Bro’s yelling brought me back to my senses. I picked up the now squelchy folder and walked back to Bro. The certificates were now muddy and wet. The only sensible thing to do was to dry them after going home. I just prayed the college did not require us to submit any docs that day. Luckily, they didn’t.

But the point is, the incident is imprinted in my mind. No one really stopped to help me that day. One person was rude enough to cause more trouble. it was enough to make me cynical for the rest of my life!

The incident today gave me a warm feeling 🙂
Kindness is not dead yet. There are still plenty of people who do their share of good deeds a day.

And all is well with the world 🙂

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