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Gluttony Overload

Chocolate Cheesecake
Black Forest
Dark Chocolate

First two made by me. Cut by twins, devoured by all.
Chocolate Cheesecake bought by BIL. Cut by twins, eaten by all. Finished by me.
Pineapple bought by BF. Cut by twins, devoured by all.
Black forest bought by ex-project colleagues and lunch group at work. Cut by me, devoured by all.
Dark chocolate bought by current project team. Cut by me, devoured by all.

I’m hoping, really hoping that this is the end of the cake saga. Frankly, I’m now having dreams of whipped cream frosting with pink cherries and I swear it is liquid chocolate that now flows through my veins.
Ideally, I should be nauseous at the thought of more cake…but you know what?? Its just the opposite. I feel like having more and more *hangs head in shame* . Its almost like an addiction, you know. You start eating and eating and realize with a gasp that you just cant stop! All the sugar goes up the brain and fires up some circuits. The choco gives a constant buzz and whatever little remnants of sane thoughts residing in the brain are neatly tossed out of the window. So now, after a year of sincere efforts to lose weight (while I was 65kgs), I now weigh a ridiculous 75!!
Go on. I’ll wait while you digest that fact.
Thousands spent on gym membership, sporadic yoga at home, constant running after the twins and yet, YET, the weighing machine seems to inch further and further the wrong way.

This Birthday, I threw caution to the wind and dug my way through food. What to do? I feel hungry all the time and I LOVE cake 🙂
B-U-T. This is wrong. So wrong 😦
It’ll take me ages to undo the damages. I’ll just have to start with baby steps once again, isn’t it?
Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, I shall turn into a new leaf.
As for today, I need to wrap up the leftover cakes 😀 . Get rid of the temptation. Clean up the refrigerator. Warn family and friends of dire consequences if another cake crosses the threshold. In short, erase every memory of the sweet, creamy, gooey, chocolatey,….goodness!! What the hell am I doing?!! I gotta stop right now!!
C’ya folks tomorrow 🙂

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