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“Touch Me Not”

Fiery Lui is our school-teacher these days, teaching us everything that she learns at school. Her most ardent student is Shobby (of course 🙂 ). But when she’s not busy tutoring him, she is busy speaking up her mind. Sometimes, I’m just left speechless after her outbursts, but there are times when I just cant stop smiling 🙂
In the last one week, this is what Lui has been saying –

The kids are hanging on to the window rails, eyes glued to the Ganesh visarjan procession in front of our house. The best part about the visarjan is the dhol-tasha troupe that plays a sensational, rythmic beat as it passes by.
Suddenly, Shobby lets go of the window rail, raises his hands high and yells, “Ghanpatti Bappa O-liyaa”.
“No, No Shobby”, corrects Lui,” Say, Ghanpatti Bappa Mallya”.
Right. Good thing she didn’t just say Kingfisher 😐
I’m packing their change of dress, to be worn at the day-care, in their bags. I pull out a T-shirt and a pair of jeans for Lui.
“No Mumma….I don’t like this. Woh pink flock rakho. It is my favlette”.
“Huh? What”, I didn’t get her.
“FAV-Lett. Favlette. Jab bahut achcha lagta hai na, tab favlette bolte hain”.
“You mean, favourite??”
“No Mumma, aapko nahin aata. Say Fa-Va- Lett”.

Its a regular hectic morning, I’m frantically getting the twins ready and making sure they drink their milk.
“Lui!! Come here. Finish this milk”.
“Mumma, actually, I don’t like it”.
“Huh?” I’m stumped for a minute.
“I said, actually, I don’t like it”.
“Since when?”
“Actually, mujhe doodh achcha nahin lagta”.
And then it struck me. I was talking to a friend in the morning and had mentioned something where I’d used the word ‘actually’. I had no idea my daughter knew where to use it herself 😐


Lui is not cooperating for having dinner. She insists that she isn’t hungry. I yell that I will confiscate her doll (called Lollipop) if she doesn’t eat up fast. When she still continues to ignore me, I get up and grab her doll.
“MUMMA!!!”, she yells, ” HAVE YOU TAKEN PERMISSION? You not ask, then why you take my doll??”


I’m trying to wake up Lui in the morning.
“mumble…mummble”, she says something burrowing her face in the pillow.
“What??” , I yell at her (I do a LOT of yelling around this girl, I swear 😐 )
“I said, don’t touch me!!”
“No touching me anywhere, okay??”.
“May I touch your legs?”, I joke.
Lui gets up indignantly and wags a finger at me ,” Mujhe koi bhi touch karta hai, I don’t like it. Okay??”
Thats one worry I can get rid of. This girl has already learned how to say no to other people’s touches. We just have a wee bit of problem with the difference between a good touch and a bad touch 😐
As for me, she gladly climbed into my arms, had me scrub her clean, wipe her down and dress her up.
So much for not touching 🙂

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